iYogi remote tech support services: An overview

Finally, remote tech support for you that is instant, reliable, and practical. By opting for the iYogi Digital Home Plan you have ensured that your installed software and connected devices remain error-free and optimized.
  • Round the clock assistance up to 3 PCs or Mac and 2 mobile devices (Digital Home Plan)
  • Digital Home Plan at a price of $149.99 including TechGenie PC Optimizer for 5 years at just $30 (for Windows users)
  • Support Dock license for 5 years at $30 only (for Mac users)
  • Access to PC Tune Up tools (TechGenie) such as PC Optimizer, Internet Optimization
  • Prompt tech help with PC maintenance tools (TechGenie) such as Duplicate File Finder, Backup and Restore
  • Smart PC Care for optimizing and resolving tech issues Mac
  • Create green ambience by setting up your Mac machine to consume less power yet remain productive
  • Get the issues fixed right in front of your eyes
  • No different vendors

Support Dock for a clean and fast PC

Support Dock is the ultimate maintenance suite to install on your Mac-based machine.

Its robust yet simple to use tools make sure that your device remains optimized and in its best of health. This includes proactively detecting errors in your device and practically removing the same. Once installed, Support Dock works relentlessly to make your device smart, environment-friendly and secured.

  • All-in-one Mac maintenance suite with easy to use tools for optimizing your computer
  • Fast, reliable, simple to install and easy to use
  • Installs on your Mac machine as a Dashboard
  • Available with iYogi Digital Home Plan (for Mac users) at just $30
  • Set with features to instantly check browser, battery health, memory usage, and SD Card slots

iYogi tech tips are the simplest, yet the best!

Have the time and tech savvy too? Browse through our iYogi DIY videos repertoire and you will be surprised. Our video solutions are simple tutorials refer to for resolving technical glitches on your hardware, peripherals, software and more. Subscribe to our channels for your regular dose of tech tips‚?¶

  • Recent, relevant, direct video tutorials for your easy perusal
  • Simple fixes that even beginners can apply themselves
  • Easy to understand language complemented by visually-rich graphics and animation
  • Timeless videos that can be easily bookmarked and shared with friends and family
  • Available for free ‚?? anytime, anywhere, for use by anybody
  • Different channels created on diverse platforms for your easy access (YouTube, iYogi.tv and Vimeo)

TechGenie: Care your devices and software need every day!

From securing your installed applications to safeguarding your digital life ‚?? TechGenie does everything for you in a pro-active manner in real-time. Keep at bay all the latest online threats maintain your devices in their best optimized state TechGenie tools are solid, consistent and simple to install and use.

  • Complete suite for PC security and PC maintenance
  • Separate version also available for Mac machines
  • Free versions available (TechGenie PC Optimizer) that can be easily upgraded to the ‚??Pro‚?? versions (TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro and TechGenie Absolute)
  • Offers users a choice of different tools (PC Optimizer, Duplicate File Finder, Internet Optimization, Common Problem Troubleshooter, and others) to keep Windows-based computers under strict check