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10 apps to Customise your new PC

You have surveyed the market for best brands and best deals before buying your new PC or laptop. You have hit the most authentic showroom and are already imagining about how the new gadget is going to make a difference to your personal and professional output. You are upbeat and so sure that everything is going to fall in place… right? Well, that may be the case provided you take care of a few more aspects; the most critical being having right and handy applications in place.

Let us have a look at some of these apps that can make your experience, a smooth sail.

1. Google Chrome

Think browsing speed and the first thing that strikes your mind is Google Chrome. Considering its fast speed and efficacy, Chrome is the most sought after browser. It is coupled with many third-party extensions, is secure, regularly updated and comes with advanced features. Google Chrome has emerged as one of the key basic features for any website developer in terms of compatibility.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a helpful app for all those who often transact heavy files, use multiple devices and travel often. Get an effortless 100 GB of storage space; does not make you navigate you much before processing your request and yes is considered to be the best Windows software, as compared to others in the league. You may even go for the paid subscription, if you are high on data. You want more? Well, your new computer can inherit a number of start-up applications without stressing your startup or registry. Hope you are not contemplating anymore!

3. Spotify


Stream music for free and manage your personal playlists with Spotify. The app has completely revolutionized and redefined music streaming and listening experience. Gone are the days when you’d struggle with a P2P client and MP3s. You can now search a huge database within seconds and listen to your favorite numbers. Though certain features of Spotify do have commercials attached, they cater to the music needs of everyday listeners with a complete music management system.

4.  Evernote

It may not come in-built on a Windows system but is a must-have app, especially for the student community. World’s most renowned application for taking notes, it is very useful if you want to remember the information at the back of your hands. You can easily sync the notes taken via Evernote on your computer and mobile devices with great ease thus transferring the data to a web interface without any hassle. Now whether you wish to take down hand-written notes or want to use browser extensions to clip them from the web, it is a wonder app for students who juggle to remember critical notes.

5.   OpenOffice

How about getting a suite of six different applications like Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math, and Base in one software? OpenOffice gives it all in one go. An open source software, OpenOffice Writer is the best equivalent of Microsoft Word, whereas Calc works like Microsoft Excel. Be it the ease of exporting PDFs or editing web pages through its WYSIWYG editor, and more.

6.   7-Zip

For all those wanting to manage the archives, 7-Zip is the best option. While Windows support the extraction of ZIP archives, RAR extensions are left unattended. This is where 7-Zip comes into play. It is a free and easily accessible, lightweight app.

7.  Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

These days Windows 8 are automatically supported by Microsoft Security Essentials, however, it is not enough, as these security measures are much exposed to those creating material to threaten your web security. Malwarebytes app is the best solution to tackle all these threats as it works on eliminating the system malware. So all you need is to run a weekly scan and you are sorted.

8.  IrfanView

Be it quick browsing, editing of images, resizing, optimizing, renaming or scanning, IrfanView is one of the most popular image editing apps today. It allows slideshow and immediate scroll options, which is a rare feature in most image editors. You can even scroll through music files and view video files. Make sure that you install IrfanView to handle all your image needs.

9.  CCleaner

Are you relying on your inbuilt Windows software to clean your system hard drive and keeping it neat and clean from junk? But what about the files that are manually hard to trace? Download CCleaner to do it for you. It even works in case of third-party applications like Firefox, Photoshop, Evernote, Notepad++, Audacity and Adobe Air.

10. Steam

Never mind if you are not a gaming freak. It is one of the most engaging options when you are sitting infront of the television but don’t have much to do. Steam is a perfect option for PC gamers. You can play, download, manage and find games of your choice with Steam. It is not simply a gaming store as it even allows you enjoy a game for free. So download Steam and go gaming.

Well, after the round up, you are all set for a fun ride with your new personal computer.

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