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iYogi Fraud Protection: iYogi Warns of Internet Auction Fraud

iYogi warns the users about Internet auction frauds, and how it affects the website users. When was the last time you saw an iPad available for sale at a price of 0.1$? Think twice before trying to buy the item, you may end up being a victim of an Internet auction fraud. Yes, the products that you see online, available for purchase at throwaway prices, can be a part of Internet auction frauds. Check out the credentials of the seller(s) before you decide to go ahead with your purchase or place a bid on the website. It may also be prudent to verify online if the seller is transparent about his past dealings with other customers. Read More...

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Simon Green, Omaha

25 April, 2011

Your friend must be a pretty dumb female Anthony! And since you are agreeing she got a pretty good offer for $200, I'm guessing you are not that bright either. I mean, you can get a Sony NWZ 4GB for $100 with warranty and you both think you had a good deal for $200? No wonder your friend got duped! Watch out, man, I think you'll fall for something next!

Anthony White, Texas

18 April, 2011

Most users are trapped by fraudsters who offer fake auctions. One of my close friends recently fell for it. An online auction offered an MP3 player for just $200; greed got the better of her and she made the payment before receiving the product.

Saul Coleman, Dayton

11 April, 2011

I had always heard how ppl found great deals on electronic goods over the Internet but I never thought finding a genuine seller would be so difficult. I was searching for an HD TV and found this auction site that sold it at the price of a regular TV. I took part in the auction and won it but without any document or proof… and they wanted the full price in advance! Ya right!! As if I'm that stupid. Bit of searching and I found it was a fake website that held fake auctions every day!!

William Roland,Ohio

29 March, 2011

The Toshiba TV never came..

Recently I got conned online. I bid for an hd ready Toshiba tv online on, the seller contacted me & we fixed the deal at $950, he wanted the payment wired , thru western union , I fell for it n wired the money!! I checked up the next day and the money was collected ..After which there was no news from him at all, the website does not seem keen to help me!! Had I done the payment via credit card I wud hav had at least a chance...

Melissa Bogart, New Orleans

15 March, 2011

Internet Auction Fraud: Fake Handbag Purchase

One common type of internet auction fraud that consumers need to be aware of is buying fake designer items online. There are so many companies that sell fake designer items through internet auction items, and these companies are just waiting for innocent consumers to bid on such items and buy them. These companies do not care whether or not one knows if the item is fake or not, because once a person has bid on the product, then it is sold and usually cannot be returned.

One of the most frustrating experiences I ever had the dealt with internet auction fraud was buying a designer handbag in an online auction. When I received the designer handbag, I was thoroughly annoyed to discover that it was actually a fake. I have a very astute eye when it comes to designer handbags, so I instantly knew it was a fake handbag. I had spent thousands of dollars on this handbag, only to realize that it was a complete fake. What was so misleading about this situation was that the creator of the listing had posted a picture with a real designer handbag in it. So, many people truly thought that they were bidding on a real designer handbag. People like me had no idea that creators of listings could post false pictures online and sell products that are not true designer items.

Overall, I think that internet auction fraud like this needs to end with strict regulations and laws that put an end to it.

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