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5 Technical Mistakes You Should Avoid At Work

Does technology confuse you? Are you not comfortable handling a PC or browsing the Internet? Well, itís your first job and you must make no mistake especially when it comes to handling a computer or compiling an e-mail.

Not everyone is gifted with digital smartness and so there are many youngsters who face technical issues related to computer, e-mails, or Internet in their day-to-day life. Here are few tips for the youngsters who cannot solve technical problems on their own and need someoneís assistance to solve the issue. 

  • Understand the use of Insert Key: Youngsters often donít understand the use of Insert Key which they press by mistake while writing a post or e-mail or Facebook or Twitter status. The Insert key enables a user to write speedily as it replaces the letter they type instead of adding new letters in the sentence. Well, this key was introduced long back as a part of Disk Operating System but there is hardly anyone who uses it today.

Solution: If you have pressed Insert key unknowingly, donít panic, and simply hit the Insert key again to turn it off.    

  • Avoid using Sticky Keys: Well, itís kind of frustrating when you are writing something and mistakenly enable Sticky Keys by pressing the left Shift key five times in a row. The Sticky keys when enabled give you an option to disable your PC by pressing CTRL, ALT, and DEL all in a one go. People who are involved in writing work encounter this problem very often.

Solution: Whenever you activate Sticky keys, make sure that you press left Shift five times again to get the option to cancel it.

  • Avoid browsing mistakes: Browsing is not a problem for many of us but for a newbie itís nothing less than a task that cannot be resolved on its own. The youngsters who are not technically advance get confused even while solving simplest of the task, such as accessing a website when the site is offline, browsing the right keyword, deleting search history, selecting bookmarks, etc.

Solution: To access a website when it is offline, you must type the www before a domain, only then youíll be able to access it. The option to delete your search history and to bookmark a website is available on the extreme right corner of your browsing page. Simply, hit the ďStarĒ image available on the extreme right of the page to bookmark a website right away.

  • Pay attention while sending an e-mail: E-mail mistakes are most common among youngsters who just started working. They are either unaware of the basic e-mail format or less-informed about options available in Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. Such youngsters end up making silly mistakes like sending a blind copy to multiple recipients in one e-mail by clicking Reply All, sending e-mail without attachments, problem in inserting images, table or graph in the e-mail, etc.

Solution: Before clicking the send option, make it a habit to check the subject, recipients list and matter of the e-mail. This can help you avoid making silly mistakes at your new job.

  • Learn to restart and log off: Itís good to ask for help whenever you are in problem especially when you are new to workplace but there are certain problems that can be handled on your own. For example, whenever your PC runs slow, better restart it to resolve the issue right away, however, if the problem continues ask your colleagues to help you. Also, whenever you leave your PC alone, make sure that you log out so that no one can access it in your absence.

Solution: To restart your PC you can simply press the restart button on your CPU or select restart option from Start menu. To log off your PC, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and select log off option from the list that appears.

With new job comes new responsibilities and therefore technical hitches shouldnít be a problem for first time employees. The tips above can help you deal with the technical problems that you might face at work on your own. 

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