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Scope & Features

Single Plan For Everything You Needâ?¦ Speed, Security and Support

  • Support for 3 Mac or PCs
  • Troubleshoot email problems
  • Support for all peripherals
  • Speed up Internet connectivity
  • Round the clock support and security
  • Digital home network setup on up to three computers
  • Covers 2 Smartphone and tablet devices
  • Detection and removal of malware, spyware, adware and rootkit
  • Hack-proof Internet sessions
  • Repair and optimize browser
  • Get rid of issues, related to computer, smartphone, tablet, and peripherals
  • Professional level security for two smartphone and tablets for a single free

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Digital Home Premium (Annual Unlimited Remote Tech Support)

Best Value
Advanced Service Package (AT & T)
Tech Support
1 Year Tech Support
Price per month
Devices Support
X Computer/Mobile Devices
3 Computers/Tablets
3 Computers + 2 Mobile Devices
1 PC
Connected Devices
Printer, Digital Camera,
Modem, Etc., tethered to
the supported device.
(Up to 2 hrs.)
Printer, Modem, Gaming
Console, Camera,
E-readers & moreâ?¦
Printer & Email support
for one PC
Additional Benefits
Optimization Software
Security Software

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3.5 Million Happy Customers

I am very pleased with their tech support. I have been with them for 5 years or more. I am a senior citizen and need a lot of support so they provide me with that. They are very patient with me and my husband. I would recommend the to any one.

by Nancy, K, WV, USA

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