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Unified support platform for a connected world to manage a trillion devices


Support and customer experience management for the emerging IoT verticals


What's trending in the new frontiers of IoT


Digital Home

Enabling the connected life

  • Home network setup and management
  • Seamless interoperability for enhanced customer experience
  • Support for a diverse range of IoT standards & protocols
  • Remote monitoring and proactive support automation
  • Usability assistance for connected devices


Automobile management & support

  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics of automobile components
  • Automated emergency response management
  • Support for navigation & entertainment systems
  • Service alerts and geo tracking


Power management solutions

  • Support for lighting controls and thermostats
  • Analyze energy consumption and usage patterns
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Maximize uptime and enhance efficiency

Health Monitoring

Supporting a healthier lifestyle

  • Medication and health checkup alerts
  • Support for wearable health monitoring devices
  • Alerts and workflows based on health status
  • Emergency response management

Harness the Power of Digital Service Cloud

Multi-Channel Customer Engagement

Communicate with your connected customers at the point of need via phone, chat, email, or social media.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer-Lifecycle-ManagementDigital Service Cloud offers an elaborate set of tools to monitor & manage customer demographics, behavior and IoT technology adoption.

Self Help Portals

Deflect a part of your support volume while empowering your
connected customers with self-help portals.

Pre-emptive Support Automation

Realize cost reductions and
lower AHT through automated solutions for top call drivers. The platform remotely manages devices to deliver pre-emptive support.

Real-Time Sales Recommendation Engine

revenue-cloudCombine the power of analytics with asset intelligence to glean the lifetime opportunity potential of customers.


A Universal User Interface for the Internet of Things

Download as PDF   UUI: Easily programmed by Internet of Things innovators and easily controlled by consumers Executive Overview The Internet of Things (IoT) has not yet reached its full potential, and in order to do so, it must go beyond the concept of Internet-enabling mechanical devices, and embrace human elements. The idea of controlling […]

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IoT’s Extreme Innovation: A New Service Architecture

The extreme innovation that the Internet of Things has enabled isn't really about the "things." It's about the new services they enable.

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IoT: The New Customer Opportunity for Telecom Companies

Driven by an increased focus on the Internet of Things and smart homes, telcos have the potential to deliver new profitable services via an intelligent customer service architecture.

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The Modern Day Gold Rush is the Internet of Things

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The Role of UUI in Telematics

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