The World's Most Powerful Service Platform

Support and customer experience management
for the emerging IoT verticals

The Digital Service Cloud (DSC) platform for IoT applications is suited to address a variety of digital home, automotive,
energy, and health monitoring applications. Business benefits of DSC apply across various industry segments including OEMs, software publishers, Telcos, service providers,
and technology retailers. We help enterprises to gain a competitive advantage by delivering the perfect customer experience and building high value customer relationships.

OEMs and Software Publishers

Maximize customer lifetime value & reduce costs  


Transform service delivery and enhance the customer experience 


Deliver brand-independent tech support services  


Digtal Home

Enabling the connected life

  • Home network setup and management
  • Seamless interoperability for enhanced customer experience
  • Support for a diverse range of IoT standards & protocols
  • Remote monitoring and proactive support automation
  • Usability assistance for connected devices

Partnering with global technology brands, we make the connected smart home a reality and offer a level of service that delights customers. We bring together different IoT solutions for the home along with support for diverse technology standards including One M2M, IEEE, and ZigBee, thereby ensuring a seamless experience. Digital Service Cloud allows enterprises to gain a competitive advantage by delivering the perfect customer experience and building high value customer relationships.

Unleash the perfect customer experience and
accelerate business growth

Digital Service Cloud empowers OEMs, software companies, telcos, service providers and retailers to transform service delivery, enhance the customer experience and generate new revenues through support automation. Customers can choose to engage via customized services or platform solutions. Partnering with global brands, we transform product vision into reality. For service end-users in the home, we transform consumer experiences and for enterprises delivering services, we make it easy to manage large-scale customer operations and drive process efficiencies.

  • Delivering Experience Par Excellence

    Customer transactional history enabling personalization

  • Believe Hi-Speed is a Human Right

    Generating new revenues from old customers

  • No More Degrees of Separation

    24x7 Remote Tech Support

OEMs and Software Publishers

With an industry average CSAT of 80% and an NPS of only 32%, OEMs struggle to maintain CSAT levels while being forced to deflect a certain percentage of support request volume.

With the increase in device diversity, OEMs face a reduced share of wallet. DSC enables OEMs to service customers at a lower cost, deliver higher CSAT, and reduce No Fault Found returns with support automation. The platform allows OEMs to sell paid tech support plans and increase customer lifetime opportunity through better engagement.


Telcos are struggling to keep up their customer loyalty scores with NPS ranging from 6% to 39%. With an industry average CSAT of 70% and an NPS of only 16%, telcos are the worst rated industry segment when it comes to customer loyalty.

DSC allows Telcos to mitigate customer churn through support automation that lowers cost of service delivery and delivers a consistent, high CSAT customer experience. Telcos can now monetize their out of scope call volume and increase ARPU to offset the costs of the widened scope of support.


With an average CSAT of 78%, technology retailers face the challenge of maintaining customer satisfaction at present levels. No fault found returns, which on an average account for 2 to 3% of sales, lower the CSAT and also increase costs.

With DSC, Retailers can reduce the vulnerability of their customer relationships and drive higher satisfaction levels. Customers can be offered paid tech support for multiple brands across multi-stores and multi-vendors in a streamlined and cost-effective manner. The sales recommendation engine and support automation capabilities from DSC help drive attach rates and improve customer engagement.