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Unified support platform for a connected world to manage a trillion devices


Support and customer experience management for the emerging IoT verticals


What's trending in the new frontiers of IoT


Digital Home

Enabling the connected life

  • Home network setup and management
  • Seamless interoperability for enhanced customer experience
  • Support for a diverse range of IoT standards & protocols
  • Remote monitoring and proactive support automation
  • Usability assistance for connected devices


Automobile management & support

  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics of automobile components
  • Automated emergency response management
  • Support for navigation & entertainment systems
  • Service alerts and geo tracking


Power management solutions

  • Support for lighting controls and thermostats
  • Analyze energy consumption and usage patterns
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Maximize uptime and enhance efficiency

Health Monitoring

Supporting a healthier lifestyle

  • Medication and health checkup alerts
  • Support for wearable health monitoring devices
  • Alerts and workflows based on health status
  • Emergency response management

Harness the Power of Digital Service Cloud

Multi-Channel Customer Engagement

Communicate with your connected customers at the point of need via phone, chat, email, or social media.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer-Lifecycle-ManagementDigital Service Cloud offers an elaborate set of tools to monitor & manage customer demographics, behavior and IoT technology adoption.

Self Help Portals

Deflect a part of your support volume while empowering your
connected customers with self-help portals.

Pre-emptive Support Automation

Realize cost reductions and
lower AHT through automated solutions for top call drivers. The platform remotely manages devices to deliver pre-emptive support.

Real-Time Sales Recommendation Engine

revenue-cloudCombine the power of analytics with asset intelligence to glean the lifetime opportunity potential of customers.