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'iYogi Customer Reviews' is a forum which helps iYogi to receive feedback from its customer base and helps the firm deliver better service each time. iYogi does its level best to make contact with its customers based on the reviews it receives. All feedback is carefully preserved and catalogued; customers are encouraged to share their feedback time and again. It helps to bring the two closer and ensures greater clarity in communication so the risk of wrongful communication is minimized.Here you can read about the varied experiences of iYogi customers spanning all corners of the globe so you can appreciate the services of iYogi better.

"I use iyogi as my online IT service provider. So far, they have been terrific. If you need their services please mention my name so I get credit for your referral."

—Darlene Culin- Stedman

"I'm very happy with IYogi's services, been with them for awhile. Called them yesterday for a diagnostic check, the tech that assisted me was great!"

—Paula Prather Darlington

"I use them a lot. They always come through with a solution. Highly recommend them. Good Karma."

—James Etling

"I have been very Happy with iYogi ever since joining with them"

—Cheryl Kemery Goss

"iYogi are the best IT resource around. They have helped me so many times fixing issues with my PC! I feel safe, because they always available 24/7."

—Theresa Yeager

"I love iyogi there always there if I have a problem with my computer. Ive been with iyogi for almost 5 years and I would recomend them to anyone."

—Judy Moloney

"Every time I called (twice in the past year so far) iYogi has helped me fix whatever the problem was. I'm glad I can keep my computer running effeciently for a decent price, cuz I sure as heck don't know how to do it myself. Thank you."

—Valerie Hoffman

"Agree, they are always there and good at what that do!!! Highly recommend them."

—Terry Kachites Schroeder

"I have iYogi. It is great. Don't pay the asking price, haggle (their in India). I got 2 years for $175 and McAfee."

—Douglas Peterburs

"Sileno Love Iyogi - they can fix any computer problems over the phone through a remote feed"

—Kathy Martel

"I truely like the service that iYogi provides. I recomend this to any one."

—Andrew Wilson

"I love iyogi, they will fix any problem with your computer, if you have the patience to"

—Sharon Phillips

"ihave been with yogie for 2 years now and iam very sastsfied there also there to help you 24-hours a day they have patiencevery kind tecs go i yogievery good karma"

—Ramona Marlow

"IYogi is a great service! I have used them for my computer service and maintenance They are very professional and help you right on your computer via remote connection. I became acquainted with them through my antivirus program, Avast, which is also a great program and service. I recommend both highly."

—Claudia Watson Harrison

"I have been with IYOGI for three years and they take care of you anytme day or night...which ever it is since they are in India...GREAT PEOPLE AND SERVICE...AND PRICE!!!"

—Gloria Groves

"iYOGI provides the best support and protection from any and all problems one might face from the outside world, you are the best"

—Roy Ison

"great to have a reliable place to go to when things are not good with your computer"

—Phyllis Garofalo

"I have been using Iyogi for 4yrs and never had a problem with them, they always fix my computer issues"

—Gene Mclaurin

"I had visited the store I bought my Apple ipad, and iphone5 from 5 times, called Apple and spoke with them to help, in which they did try, but I didn't get anything accomplished until I joined iyogi for a year! I talked to Damascus, and Wish. Thank you for fixing my problem."

—Joanne Reniger

"Great technicians. Good communication skills. I like the fact that you can live chat or talk on the phone. I use them for every little problem. It is so easy and convenient."

—Barbara Kirkwood

"iYogi has been very helpful to me I have used them for years"

—Ted Neis

"Without iyogi I wouldn't have been able to do it by myself. It is a great support. Thanks iYogi!!!"

—BlackMotivated Fathers AndFemales

"Thanks for being there and fixing problems that I have in a matter of short time."

—Dorothy Donay

"iyogi was so helpful with my ipod restore i thank them very much"

—CarolAnn Larsson

"I like the customer service from Iyogi. Terrific attention to my problem!"

—William Bronson Hubbard

"Thanks for your help but still need more. Will call next week."

—Malcolm Stanley

"Thank You Iyogi for your service today it was outstanding!"

—Sharon Walker

"Did a great job of cleaning up my computer, and so fast."

—Iris Lundy Anderson

"iYogi has been very helpful to me I have used them for years"

—Ted Neis

"Great at home prompt, capable, courteous service at fantastic price! I tell all my friends about it…"

—Rashmi Desai

"i had a great experience with gurpreet working on my computer, very capable, patient, and thorough."

—Debbie Bardo

"They sure have helped me and are always polite."

—Linda Fette

"i am always satisfied with the very nice techs."

—Clairellen Mazzuca

"iYogi has been my live-saver many times.. Always so polite and considerate…"

—Laurie Smerud

"iyogi is a godsend to those who are not entirely Pc literate, congratulations to the technical staff"

—John Noakes

"iYogi is great never regret calling them they're very helpful.i"

—Anne Amoroso patricia

"Always,cheerful, helpful, sometimes funny, computer problem solvers!!"

—Mary Dezso

"I'm always grateful for the help and optimization performed by these friendly people."

—Joi Anderson

"They were experts in the field and served me with excellence."

—Cheryl Smith Robbins

"couldn't deal with a computer without my iYogi"

—Judy Shelton

"I don't know what I would do without them! Thank you, iYogi!"

—Rhonda Fulghum

"I Yogi R my friends ,they r the best!!!!!!!"

—Anna Rose

"I am very happy with Iyogi and what thet can do for my computer"

—Anna Rose

"i love iyogi tech's but i did not like the way they treated me when i spoke to my freinds about them an they sign up but i need not get the gift's card they offerd"

—Anna Rose

"first time i use them, they are great. i will keep them on speed dial."


"All service is fast and efficient every time I connect with them."

—Esther M

"Excellent and professuinal service, most helpful and trustful iYOGI Rocks...:) "

—John T.

"iyogi iam very satsfied you have some of the best tech madhu kumer had my computor fixed in 20 minutes thank you very much. "

—Ramona M.

"My computer had a glitch which shut down my use of keyboard and pc. I was told to scrap the pc as a virus would wipe out all the content. iYogi was contacted, repaired the glitch and pc running better and faster than ever. "

—Mark D.

"iYogi support from Sushil Kumar was great! I rate him all 10s "

—Fredric Feit

"I Yogi did an excellent job taking care of my problem. "

—Yolanda Silvestri

"I Yogi is the best. No waiting for a tech to arrive at your home. The cost is very reasonable. They always resolve the issues. Thanks IYogi "

—Birda Dore

"This is the best 24 hr tech support for your computer in the comfort of your home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

—William Lowell

"I recommend iYogi, They are the best anytime I need them 24/7 they are always here for me. Take there time and are so nice to talk to while they are working on your computer. So if you need help with your computer call iYogi !!"

—Dianna L.

"If you ever want to sign up for tech support, do it with iYogi! They have helped me everytime and are so patient. They seem to be able to fix anything that is wrong with a computer!"


"Best internet remote service available. Polite, professional and knowledgeable."

—Rita Parseghian

"iYogi is great in helping with problems with computer"

—Patricia Beck

"They cleaned it up and I'm looking forward to them keeping it clean"

—Judy Bramlage

"Quick, efficient and professional. you could not ask for more than that."

—Allan Walker

"This really is the best IT support service on the planet - I've been a subscriber for nearly a year and they have resolved 100% of problems - cost is very competitive when compared to one off fixes from other suppliers (where you have to pay every time you need something done) - with iYogi you get 24/7 365 support for a one off fee."

—David Burton

"awesome customer service, it does seem weird if you don't know the name but they are way better then dell customer service, and offer a lot more for their money... they can fix ANY computer software issue there is .... "

—Lovelee Lee

"iyogi helped me with registry issues (550) that I had created in about a week with very little problem ..Thank you so much"

—Carol Smith

"These guys are very good at helping with technical issues. They have really helped me out!"

—Marsha Covey

"Used this site because my computer crashed they were fast and good."

—Pattiann Burgin- Bartleson

"Iyogi is perhaps one of the utmost technical experiences you will encounter. From whence I started using their service years ago; They are much MUCH improved over services offered of similar categories. Their quality is a definite marked improvement overall."

—Roger Rabitaille


—David L, Massachusetts

"The services were outstanding from my initial contact with customer service to my contact with tech support... The services were excellent it took some time to clean up my computer but that simply was the situation that it was...not due to tech services."

—Jeanne N, Arizona

"It was real easy and they were very helpful... everything was great"

—Sandra C, Texas

"Both people were very helpful... Given the way this has to be done, it works quite well.,"

—Frances F, Washington

"They were fast and very professional..."

—Steve D, North Carolina

"Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Excellent assistance from each person I worked with."

—Denise C, Florida

"good job,and very user friendly,hopefully my wife will feel at ease"

—Jerry B, California

"You have an excellent and well-informed technician professional... From your representative technician, there is nothing more than to wish the company well and praises for the young man who solved the problem that had left me frazzled when I placed a direct"

—Carmen B, North Carolina

"the problems I had were resolve in a professional manner... I gladly impressed..."

—Javier E, Texas

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