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Our Story

A culture and workforce designed and driven by a culture of impeccable customer support.

In 2007, two friends saw an opportunity in the tech support market and in between wondering why no one else had seen it yet, decided to do something about it. Uday Challu and Vishal Dhar started iYogi and decided to distinguish themselves on superior service, even from those early days. Chasing ‘Good Karma’ became the motto then and it still remains the driving voice behind the company’s almost slavish dedication to customer service.

From a core group of about 35 people to a workforce of over 4000 now, iYogi has scaled similar heights with their services. Reaching 3 million users spread out in over 11 countries across the world, iYogi’s scale of support now extends to almost every type of tech product there is. iYogi has been in the forefront of tech support for the last five years, providing world class remote and in-person support to people all over the planet.

And if you ask Uday and Vishal the secret of their success, how they were able to build a company that seems to keep breaking its own records all the time, they’ll have only two words for you, as will anyone else you ask at iYogi.  

Good Karma.