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A victim of our own success

Dec 17th, 2015
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On Thursday morning we were shocked to find that the Washington Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against iYogi.

What made this so shocking was the fact that nobody from the Attorney General’s office ever reached out to us to discuss any concerns they might have about our business or how it operates.  Had they done so, they would have learned that the claims they are making are not only baseless, but are also misguided.  While our legal teams prepare an appropriate course of action and response to the complaint, our position on this matter is clear – the lawsuit is without any merit.

iYogi has attained its industry leadership by being customer focused and value driven, and our service is successful because it addresses a genuine need. Over the last decade the third party tech support industry has emerged as an important category, based on the glaring need for device and brand agnostic tech support in an increasingly complicated technology landscape.

Today, hundreds of thousands of customers rely on us everyday, and renew their service with us each year. The positive feedback that we receive from them is a testament to the value we add, and the goodwill that we enjoy.

We conform to all guidelines laid out by different agencies and in many ways have set the standards of good practice for a new service category. At iYogi, we run a very tight ship. Among other things, we:

  • Follow stringent quality and security practices supported by our proprietary technology platform
  • Regularly get our practices certified by the relevant standards bodies, and
  • Have a zero-tolerance approach towards malpractice by our employees

We recognize that over the last few years, the U.S. has seen a dramatic increase in tele-marketing frauds of all types, and recognizing our responsibility as the industry leader for remote tech support, we have collaborated closely with the right industry and regulatory bodies both in India and in the U.S. to help stop fraud through awareness generation and legally pursuing companies on behalf of our customers.

Media reports quote Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson saying, “this lawsuit sends a message to tech support scammers that my office will hold them accountable.”  Pursuing us will not achieve that goal, it will only embolden the real criminals to continue with their scams because the Attorney General has chosen to try and punish a good company due to its prominence.  It appears that we have become victims of our own success.

As a law abiding corporate citizen of the U.S. we will do what is necessary, and are committed to resolving this issue in a responsible and expeditious manner.