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12 Secrets that Double Your Efficiency on iPhone 6

Do you own an iPhone 6 and are very happy with your gadget; or have you made switch to iOS and still struggling to make the most out of it? Whatever category you fall into, there are a lot more features of iPhone 6 that you can tap to enhance your efficiency and save time. A smartphone is meant to make your life easier, and iPhone 6 fully complies with this rule. Read on these not-so-known 12 tips and tricks that will make you more productive and adore your iPhone 6 even more.


Communicate the Contacts Quickly

When you tap on the circle of a person you want to contact from the recently contacted list via a call, message or Face Time, you can see options having their multiple phone numbers, text and Face Time all at a place. This way rather than going to specific way, you can quickly choose your option to connect. Tap it again to close the circle.

Make Your Typing Fluid and Fast

Switching from physical keys-based keyboard to touchscreen was a nightmare for many. But, you can make your typing faster on your touch screen by installing apps like SwiftKey or Swape. These let you type without tapping each alphabet; all you need to draw a continuous line touching the concerned letters and the word will be suggested to you.

Access Closed Tabs Instantly

Closed a Safari tab by accident and now want to access the same? Open Safari app and tap the two squares at the bottom right of it. Tap the ‘+’ icon at the bottom center and a list of all the ‘Recently Closed Tabs’ will appear! Now you can tap on the site and browse again. 

Respond to a Call with Message

You all have been through times, where you can’t take a call and need to respond with a small message too. Next time instead of disconnecting the call and messaging the caller, try tapping the ‘Message’ button whenever you receive an incoming call. Tap the message from the menu of pre-configured message that appears. You can also set a custom message as per your requirement.

Easy Access to Wireless Settings

Why go to all the way long to Settings to turn on or turn off your Wi-Fi setting on your iPhone 6? Try swiping from the bottom of your iPhone 6 screen to open the Control Center. Here not only you can turn on/ off the Wi-Fi, but also have options for Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Calculator, camera and more.

Auto-stop Music with a Timer

This tip will work for you if you love listening to music before going to sleep and often forgot to switch off your iPhone. Why discharge your phone when you can set a timer to stop the music at a certain time? To do this by tap on ‘Clock’, then tap on ‘Timer’ and then go to ‘When Timer Ends’. Now scroll down and tap on ‘Stop Playing’. Now set the timer and open the music app.

Create Shortcuts for Emoji

If you are fond of using emojis while texting, creating alphabet shortcuts for your favorite emojis is a good option to save time. Go to ‘Settings’ then go to ‘General’. Now go to ‘Keyboard’ and select ‘Add New Keyboard’. Then insert a frequently used Emoji in ‘Phrase’. Further insert a text in ‘Shortcut’ which will be used to convert to Emoji.

Apple Headphones is more than Play/Pause

The remote of your iPhone headphones offers more than just playing and pausing music. While pressing it once plays or pauses the music, when you press the remote twice, you can go to the next track and when you press it thrice, you can go back to the previous track.

Click with iPhone Headphones

This tip may surprise many of us. Do you know that you can use the iPhone headphones to click photos too? While your iPhone is in camera mode, click the ‘+’button on the remote on the Apple headphones, to take a photo. Also, when you click the middle button, you can play or pause while in video mode and take selfies.

Shake to Undo or Redo Typing

You don’t need to tap endlessly to delete a typed message any more. Just shake your iPhone and tap on ‘Undo Typing’ button to delete the message. If you deleted something important, shake your iPhone again and tap on ‘Redo Typing’. This way you can recover the original message.

Airplane Mode for Faster Charging

Saving battery can be a major crunch while you are travelling. Try switching to ‘Airplane mode’ if you want to recharge tour iPhone twice as fast as the normal mode. This comes as a handy tip, when you have little time or travelling frequently.

Set Flash for Alerts

If the vibration mode fails to catch your attention, you can set LED Flash as your notification mode in your iPhone 6. So whenever you get any notification, or message an LED light will blink. To activate this option, go to ‘Settings’, ‘General’ and then go to ‘Accessibility’. Now scroll down to ‘Hearing’ and turn on 'LED flash for Alerts' to set LED as your alert. This comes as a handy tip, when you can’t afford to create disturbance by vibrations made by your iPhone.

Aren’t these tips really useful? So what are you waiting for, go and try these tips on your iPhone now and get the most out of your favorite gadget. For more tips, keep watching this space.

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