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Youth on the Net: 5 Internet Dangers Every Parent Should Know About

Todayís kids love the Internet world. The World Wide Web is brimming with ideas, experiences and people. It connects them, helps them do their homework, learn and experiment with new things and opens a completely new world for them. However, this same technology makes it easy to expose personal information, push them to a lonely corner and make complete strangers enter their lives.

Parents need to know about the Internet dangers and protect the youth on the net today. Here are the 5 Internet dangers that are most prevalent today. Go through our presentation to see the smart way to build a secure Internet world for the kids.

1. Pornography

FACT: Around 83% boys and 57% girls have seen group sex online, before the age of 18.

Repeated viewing of pornography can have a major impact on oneís sexual attitudes and beliefs. Frequent exposure to different sexual material with a permissive attitude about sex can scar the young minds forever.

2. Cyber bullying

FACT: Around 25% kids say that someone has written something about them online that was not true.

Bullying can happen on the school campus and in the cyber space as well. However, what makes cyber bullying worse is that the bully can remain anonymous, making him do and say things that he otherwise canít do. Hurtful words are exchanged, rumors start and spread, profiles and emails get hacked.

3. Online Predators

FACT: 83% kids met their online predator face to face and readily went somewhere with them.

Internet is a great way to meet new people and make friends. But the kids can also bump into online predators. These people are skilled manipulators, who pretend to be kids or friendly adults and befriend the child. They connect with kids using flattery, sympathy and by investing time in their online friendship. Once, they have gained the trust of kids, they ask for personal details like school name, address, phone number, snaps and more. They then take their friendship offline and track the kids down.

4. Social Networks

FACT: 40% of kids below 13 years have seen pictures on social networks of their friends getting drunk, pass out, or using drugs.

There are different social networking sites available today, right from Facebook to Instagram. They also find a way to get their profiles up on these sites, even if they are underage. Around every 1 in 2 kids today, spend more than 3 hours every school day, networking on these sites.

5. Gaming

FACT: Around 15% underage kids manage to buy mature-rated games.

Online and console games are fun, educational and interactive. However, they have many hidden dangers as well. Many online games include sexual content, violence and rough language. Also Internet connected games allows the kids to interact with strangers that can again lead to online predators.


Here is presentation taking you through the Internet dangers and giving you the solution that is required to keep them safe online. Check out TechGenie Absolute, the smart solution for kidís Internet safety. This one tool gives you control and safety, by changing a few settings.

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