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iYogi Complaint Form

Grab the opportunity to gain leverage and help iYogi resolve all your complaints related to its services and products. We welcome your feedbacks and complaints based on your own actual consumer experience with us.

The bottom line of the services we deliver at iYogi is to deliver class apart service to our customers. We offer an interactive way for our customers to submit their feedbacks or complaints by filling up an iYogi complaint form. We look forward to a genuine feedback that will help us have a better insight of what and how we can assist you in a better manner. Your feedbacks and complaints will help us in all possible ways to improve our own products and services. Your response will definitely boost up our confidence and motivate us to deliver the services you require. We look forward to serving you better.

Colin Bennett

20 Aug, 2013

My PC is quite old and I cannot repair it on my own in case it goes out of order. This is the reason I subscribed to iYogi annual subscription plan last year and whenever I require any tech support to fix issues with my computer, laptop, mobile etc. I simply call iYogi tech experts. Thanks iYogi, I am very happy with your service.

Vicky Ronald

5 Aug, 2013

I bought your subscription last year to fix blue screen issue with my laptop. That time I was not very confident about your service but now I am pretty positive about iYogi and I know you people can help me really well. Thanks for providing such a smooth and comfortable support through this year. I am sure you people will continue to provide such service in further as well. Thanks!

Peter Scapa

19 July, 2013

Hello iYogi! You guys are great and I really appreciate the way you people keep your customers happy. I have been associated with your company from last seven months and I have completely utilized your services. However, I feel that you guys sometimes delay your work and tell unwanted things, which most of the customer might not be interested in listening. But I cannot deny the fact that you are really good at your work and that is fixing technical issues.


12 July, 2013

Hi, I am a computer teacher at a school and I teach the students of class 5th to 9th. I have complete knowledge about computer subject and I can answer any question that is related to computer or its related components. But some where I feel that my practical knowledge is relatively less. To over this flaw I have started taking technical assistance from iYogi and I understand and fix technical issues on my own. You guys are really good as you help me fix the issue very easily and you also guide me through ways to improve my practical knowledge. Thanks iYogi.

Liam Sullvalian

30 June, 2013

I think technology hates me because it always puts me in so or the other trouble. Few days back my laptop mouse got freeze while I was browsing some important sites. I called you people and you guys solved my problem in few minutes. I just wanted to know how you guys do it; I mean I can never think of solving the technical issue so quick. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you people for supporting me patiently. Keep up the good work.

Kim Michaud

10 May, 2013

I don’t have any perfect instance to share with you guys but I just want to say this that whenever I needed your support in dealing with any technical trouble, you guys always stood by me. It’s because of you guys that today my husband don’t tease me by calling me a poor tech user. Thank you so much iYogi for your efficient and reliable service. Keep spreading Good karma.

Nicole Barren

25 Apr, 2013

Support Dock installed on my computer had made my PC terribly slow. Files used to take ages to open up. Upset with the way my computer had started functioning after the software install, I registered my complaint on iYogi complaints forum. Very soon I was contacted by a technician who customized the settings of my computer as well as the software and restored my computer’s speed and performance. I’m much relieved now!

Crispin Cris

26 Mar, 2013

I like iYogi services over other tech support providers because they have tailor-made plans to suit the needs of every customer. When I was reluctant to pay for an annual subscription plan, the technician introduced me to their single incident plan, for which I readily agreed. I have no complaints, only praises for iYogi!

Lance Romero

26 Mar, 2013

A good initiative by iyogi to hear back from their customers. I am with iYogi since six months and up until now I don’t have anything major against them. I had a minor complaint from them. And believe that too was resolve so proficiently. Certainly you offer top-class service to the customers

Jessica Alba

20 Mar, 2013

I took the help of iYogi Complaint Form to let the company know that I was not happy with the kind of services I had received for my ailing computer. Even though the technician assured me that the issues have been resolved, most of them still persisted or reoccurred. Their supervisor touched base with me and apologized for the trouble. A new technician reworked on my computer and explained me the reason behind most of the issues and repaired them efficiently. I have no issues now…

Dan Clarke

5 Feb, 2013

I have always preferred a local computer repair shop over some remote tech support technician whom I can hear but can’t see. Besides, those scams and real life examples on tech support scams pouring malware on PCs by the name of troubleshooting raised my suspicion. Hence, I kinda avoided the convenience of remote tech support. But then, when I saw my niece fixed her printer issue resolved with remote tech support by iYogi, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Kudos to the iYogi team!

Jeremy Benton

1 Feb, 2013

Whenever I am forced to come to a halt when I am hitting my keyboard and scoring on Mass Effect 3, I get hyper. That’s why I have allied with iYogi to troubleshoot computer issues as soon as possible and so that I get back to the action as soon as possible. Thanks a ton iYogi for putting me back to action every time my PC thwarts me with stupid issues such as freezing windows, insufficient RAM/insufficient memory, upgrade Java and “Yada Yada Yada”.

Sarah Pryor

23 Jan, 2013

A smart step by iYogi to win estranged customers and solve their complaints with an open heart and big smile. Not everyone is concerned about us. A good improvement and a bold new step… All the best iYogi!

Kenneth Sanders, Memphis

11 Jan, 2013

I hit iYogi complaints form with a bitter complain about a technician but today I am back again! With a compliment this time, of course. You guys were so quick to hear me on this form. I was glad that I was heard and my antivirus issue is now tossed as a think of the past. Keep it up!

Korey Hall

26 Dec, 2012

The new security software that iYogi technician had installed on my computer stopped working after some days, showing various error messages. I used iYogi complaints form to register the complaint. The technician called me back and checked my computer to detect the problem. He found another security software running in the background that was causing compatibility problems. He removed it from my computer and solved the problem...

Richard Clark

12 Dec, 2012

It was nice to be heard! A technician called me up after I lodged the distorted graphics issue on the iYogi complaints form. It was great to have a computer expert to take over my computer problems. Apart from fixing the problem, the iYogi technician gave me a handful tips to tackle common computer problems.

Brianna Leonardis

3 Dec, 2012

Yesterday i was really in a bad mood after accessing the tech support services of iyogi. I was about to cancel my subscription with you guys, but before that i thought of registering my complaint online. I was looking for some contact details where i can lodge my grievance. However, i landed up at this iyogi complaints form page. This indeed is a good initiative taken by iyogi. i lodged my complaint here and within an hour or so i received a call from your end. My problem was heard and resolved with a promise that this will not be repeated again in future. Now i want to continue with you guys.

Christina Kim

28 Nov, 2012

My complaint was answered within a few days. Earlier I was put on hold for minutes before I was connected to a senior guy who would listen to my problem. Every time I have to explain the guy from beginning, it was quite irritating and annoying. But now with this complaints form, i have to just jot down my problems and they are answered without any delay. Thank you guys for starting this platform.

Jimmy Neutch

26 Nov, 2012

Got best services from iYogi through this complaint form. My router was bad and was not enabling me to connect to the internet. I posted a complaint though iYogi complaints form. Soon a technician called me back. He took the remote of my PC and fixed the problem… thanks for your prompt help!

Jason Lin

21 Nov, 2012

Very quick response from the iyogi team. My complaint was answered within 24 hours. I am really impressed with the promptness shown. Hats off to iyogi team. It's a nice platform started by you guys to listen to your customers' voice.

Carl Price, Oakland

5 Nov, 2012

Thanks to this iYogi Complaints Form, I am gradually getting aware of what type of problems are likely with hardware and software components of a computer. I was wondering to sign up with a tech support firm and looking forward some genuine feedback to make a decision before signing up with iYogi.

Brian A Mejia

1 Nov, 2012

After I purchased the iYogi subscription, the technician kept me on hold for almost an hour. I was put off by his irresponsible behavior and raised a complaint through iYogi complaints form. I was surprised to receive a call from their supervisor on the very same day. He apologized for the mistake and assigned a new technician that fixed my computer issues. He also installed lots of free software and apps to make me happy. Good to see that someone really cares for his customers…

Taylor Carette

23 Oct, 2012

I have Norton installed on my PC, and I was not satisfied by its performance due to some personal reasons. So I want to install another one along with Norton for double protection. I called iyogi technician, and he asked me to first uninstall the recent one. I did not listen to his advice and disconnected the call. i just want to know is it necessary to uninstall the previously installed security software.

Even Vega

19 Oct, 2012

Super quick service! Got my issue resolved in 2 days, thanks to iYogi complaints form for making this happen. I really appreciate the way you take care of your customers.

Jose Guadarrama, Chicago

30 April, 2012

I had been facing an overheating problem with my router and used the iyogi complaints form to register it. I wanted a quick resolution, but it was not until a complete day after I had posted about it that the customer service team responded to my problem. I am not happy that it took so long to reach me since I am a regular customer. Otherwise they did a great job by fixing all my complaints in addition to optimizing my system. I am curious to know the time needed by the team handling iYogi complaints on an average to reach out to aggrieved customers

Sandra Hellenes, Auckland

29 November, 2011

iYogi has been the best technical supporter I have came across. I have had many experiences of computer problems that too of different types but iYogi, irrespective of the variation in the computer problems have always been able to get my computer rid of the problem. I feel great to be associated with iYogi, similarly it feels great to complete my 2 years as a subscriber with iYogi. Besides my birthday, today’s day is remembered by me as the birthday of iYogi in my life. I thought iYogi Complaint form would be the best platform to mention and celebrate this day.

Oreo Pelham

29 November, 2011

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about iYogi’s subscription for my computer problems. I always believed that the computer repair people would always be a better option rather than acquiring online computer support. But iYogi, you just proved me wrong and your instant services to fix my computer issues have been excellent and so quick. Your iYogi Complaint Form is a very good approach I could have thought of for sharing this piece with you guys. Thank you so much iYogi for your best service.


26 September, 2011

A Symantec stub appeared on the monitor of my system last night. The virus for its kind, lodged itself more deeply on my computer that I was not able to remove it, despite many attempts of the same. As a result, I called the regular helpline number of iYogi tech support but there was no response from that side. I called the concerned number 2-3 times, but the situation was same. It was really disappointing.

Julia Clinton

19 September, 2011

I bought a new Norton 360 after the earlier one expired. When I uninstalled Norton, it removed hardware from my disk drive. Therefore, I was not able to install a new one or play a DVD/CD. Presently, the driver does not show up on my computer anymore. I reinstalled the old Norton but still it is of no use. I called your techie for help but after asking few questions he put me on hold and didn’t respond back. This was really disappointing!

Genelia Russells

12 September, 2011

I called over a month ago for an issue at you helpline no. I had the same technician work on my system for over 2 hours to resolve the issue. I was told another higher technician "level" would help me instead. I was connected to a supervisor too, and in return he stated that they would call me back on Saturday with the detailed solution to resolve the concerned issue. No call ever came in.

James, Boston

22 August, 2011

I faced a problem while updating the antivirus installed on my computer and called up a technician to fix the problem. But he did a half baked job and I had to take the help of the iYogi Complaint Form to get my voice heard! This is a great initiative by iYogi, I feel.

Paul Jack

20 July, 2011

iYogi complaints: Problems with motherboard

I run a small business and was having issues with the motherboard of my system. I took help from iYogi to get it resolved; the technician did his best but I still have complaints with the quality of service. Then I took recourse to iYogi complaint form to get my voice heard!

Mark Davies

11 July, 2011

I had a problem with the software that I was using on my computer. I enlisted the help of iYogi, one of the best tech support firms. Though my problem was taken care of to an extent, I feel that the help I'm getting is inadequate for my needs. Initially, when I called them up, they promised help with a particular Office application but I later found out that I was barred from getting that particular service. I am still wondering why.

Pete Lupus

24 june, 2011

iYogi Complaints: EXCEL FORMULA 

I called iyogi for help... they helped me fix my problem everything sounds cool. But what I was not aware was the software support I am getting is limited. I called them to help me with excel formulas and they denied.

I had this notion of getting complete support on software but when I called them to help, they decline....

Havent I paid for the service..While signing up the service tech said they will help me with MS office application any problem regarding it will be taken care.  So what happen now why I am denied service?

Someone reading this on this IYOGI complaints forum kindly revert back my ID is.........

Rick M, California

21 june, 2011

iyogi complaints : Keyboard not responding after virus removal

I enrolled for two years of service contract from IYOGI they helped me fix virus problem. God knows what happen now my laptop keys are not responding. I want my key board to be functional... PERIOD

What I need to do in order to get my keyboard working.


18 January, 2011

The iyogi complaints form makes for an interesting move by iyogi. The look and feel of the application impresses me and if what the proponents of the form are saying is true, the customers of the company can definitely expect better things.