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It certainly isnít easy to handover your PC and its valuable data to any random tech support vendor who would take it away to their workshop to fix the issues. Even though it may take just a day or two to get it repaired, the very idea of leaving it completely with a stranger can give scary feelings.


We understand this completely and hence, our on-site computer support experts visit you, to offer PC repair services to resolve issues that you are struggling with Ė right in front of your eyes. Indeed, this can be very comforting to know that you donít have to run around anywhere Ė simply dial the iYogi toll free number and schedule an appointment with one of our on-site tech experts!


iYogi Certified and experienced engineers can repair your PC accurately without damaging any part. We can also offer you quick resolutions for your faulty digital devices, apart from your PC. Our wide-array of services cover tech support for printers, scanners, routers, digital cameras, network connections, MP3 players, Smartphones and tablets.


Our friendly and competent local computer support experts could be the perfect answer to your hunt for a diverse range of technical solutions. Besides the above-mentioned, we can also help in fixing sync errors and issues that you may face while connecting different digital devices to your computer. So, if you need any help in setting up a printer or repairing the motherboard of your PC you can avail of our Computer Repair services in the very comforts of your home or office.


iYogi recapitulates support for a wide-range of products. Our local computer support experts deliver a wide-array of services, which can be summed up as below-

1. Data Recovery
2. Network Support
3. Computer Hardware Repairing/Servicing
4. Computer Maintenance
5. Software Maintenance
6. Virus and Spyware Removal Services


Hence, whenever you get stuck with a problem in your desktop or laptop, go for Online Computer Repair services by iYogi. Allow our local computer support experts to come to your aid and provide you the right fixes for your digital devices, irrespective of the brand.


Donít forget to mention the zip code of your area at the time of scheduling the appointment. Also, mention the preferred time you would like us to visit you. The best time to contact our service engineers is between 8 am and 10 pm on all seven days.


We are just a call away.

Call us on 1 877 770 9247 and enjoy our on-site computer/laptop repair service by our local computer support experts who are waiting to receive your call.