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63% of US Households spend more on technology bills than utility bills

Jan 10th, 2012
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A new report published by iYogi Insights titled, Consumer Research on Growing Spends on Technology Services 2012 revealed that 63% of US households spend 35% more on technology bills than utility bills. The research also shows that mobile phones top the chart on monthly technology spends. iYogi, a leading remote tech support company published this new research based on surveying nearly 1100 of its customers to understand their technology usage and monthly spend on services.

The rising cost of energy has become a topic of hot debate, with US Department of Energy reporting that consumers spend 6% to 12% of their income on utilities. iYogi put its hypothesis, “is technology now the real utility” to the test through this research. The research based on an in-depth survey offers interesting insights into the digital home, with technology bills for services surpassing utility bills for a majority of the respondents. Research shows that with the ever-increasing role played by technology in every sphere of life, consumer spending on connecting to the Internet, subscribing to online services, mobile communication, and multimedia entertainment has also risen.