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Even for day-to-day hassles, just call India!

Jan 30th, 2012
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The core team at the iYogi office in Gurgaon did not seem like the traditional tech employees of a company serving the US market. The air and the feel at the building was different, just like its format. Though the seats are arranged as if it is a normal call centre, but the creative walls with pink colour posters and an enthusiastic high on life staff exactly know that they are doing something unique. They call it ‘good karma’.

Whether you are an old couple whose computer has just crashed or a housewife who is hassled because whenever she switches on her PC—porn sites pop up, or a home entrepreneur whose iPad refuses to sync with the iPhone—call iYogi and they will do ‘good karma’ for you. They refer to it as simplifying technology for US households. The machine is repaired remotely from India by various tech agents that iYogi trains.