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iYogi is Armed and Ready to Kill Slow

Jul 20th, 2011
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iYogi Limited, the on-demand direct-to-consumer tech support company, today launched the KillSlow movement. This latest initiative is aimed at helping millions of digitally dependent consumers frustrated with slow PC problems. A free diagnostics hotline set up by iYogi helps consumers understand the reasons that makes their machines run slowly and provides reccomendations to bring their PCs back up to speed.

Sluggish or slow computers are a common malaise plaguing modern-day digitally dependent consumers. They are also a cause of frustration and stress for many users as they disrupt day-to-day lives at work and at home. However, while a slow PC actually slows down lives, most users are not always aware that a slow PC is a symptom of a myriad of possible problems, such as virus attacks, overloaded hard drives etc., and not the problem itself.

“In today’s fast-paced, technology dependent lives, where we rely on our computers to practically run many aspects of our lives at home or at work, a slow computer can cause immense frustration and can also bring our digital lives to a grinding halt. Every day, our tech experts help thousands of subscribers solve problems related to slow PCs. Our KillSlow movement is aimed at using our expertise and experience to help those struggling with issues arising out of slow computers and spreading the word that expert help is available,” says Vishal Dhar , President of Marketing and co-founder of iYogi.

According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, an industry association, the percentage of desktop computers infected by malware increased from 22.2% in the third quarter of 2008 to 53.7% in the first quarter of 2010. As more devices are connected to the Internet and interconnected with each other, the threat from viruses and malware becomes even greater as existing security software applications were not designed to protect multiple devices against Internet based threats.

Consumers can join the movement by visiting and publishing why they want to kill slow. They can also receive a free diagnosis from an iYogi tech expert. iYogi tech experts are standing by to provide free diagnosis to consumers and assist them to Kill Slow.

About iYogi:

iYogi is a global on-demand services company that provides personalized computer support for consumers and small businesses in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. iYogi’s unique model, including proprietary Digital Service Cloud technology and highly qualified technicians, is designed to help eliminate computer-related stress and keep digitally dependent consumers and small businesses protected and productive. iYogi — with its proven global expertise delivery model, intelligent customer insight systems, easy-to-use self-help tools and automated PC optimization and computer support services – offers users a simple yet comprehensive path to digital serenity. iYogi has enhanced the remote technical support model to overcome many of the current limitations of in-store, on-site, or call center services. Major resellers and technology companies are turning to iYogi to improve customer satisfaction, reduce return rates, and deliver a compelling new-value added offering to customers. For more information on iYogi and a detailed list of technologies supported, visit:

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