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iYogi looking for 1,000 engineers to provide local support for remote tech support services

Apr 24th, 2012
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iYogi, a large independent provider of on-demand remote tech support services, has announced the launch of Business NonStop, a platform to recruit and deploy local on-site tech support engineers. The platform will manage approximately 1,000 on-ground support engineers in the field across North America, and support their 5,000 offshore remote tech workers.

iYogi, which has been in business five years, has two million global subscribers to their tech support service, both consumer and small business. They work the same kind of market as Best Buy's Geek Squad.

"We serve the small business market to a maximum of about 25 PCs," said Larry Gordon, President of Global Channel Sales at iYogi. "Some of this business is white labeled and some of it is branded, and we are happy to do either."

Their core business is based on India-based remote tech workers, providing a low cost service to meet the needs of a price sensitive market.

"Our bit of magic is we do it all remotely, but there is a percentage of things that can't be fixed remotely, and we had to figure out a better way to take care of our customers," Gordon said.

The answer, the Business NonStop platform, is the result of a collaboration with Work Market, which makes software that organizes and manages on-demand work forces.

"iYogi is an expert in service delivery, making service go well," said Jeffrey Leventhal, chief executive officer and co-founder, Work Market. "What Work Market does is find, engage and manage people who meet the standard that they want to provide their services. Our software does background checks, verifies certifications and skills, provides for drug testing. It then handles all the work order management. And it takes care of tax records and documents as well."

iYogi will be looking to recruit 1,000 tech engineers in the U.S. and Canada who will be managed by the Business NonStop System.

"Many of these will be one-man shops, and we can help them build their business," Gordon said. However, some of them will be more than that, involving shops with multi-locations.

"They will typically service local clients within a 50 mile radius," Gordon said.

iYogi will provide further support to these field support engineers by extending its own cloud services delivery platform, iMantra, to the Business Nonstop network.