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Diagnostics & Repair

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A large percentage of any user’s needs revolves around fixing reactive issues, and even before that, identifying the root cause of the problem so as to avoid its occurrence in future. iYogi offers a comprehensive coverage for any Diagnostic & Repair related issues.

One-Stop Shop to Fix all Tech Issues

iYogi is the one stop comprehensive diagnostic and repair station for your servers, computers and its connected devices like printers, scanners, routers, and over 500 software applications. We’ll fix anything! From resolving blue screen errors or issues with Microsoft Office to troubleshooting network gliches, we cover it all.

No More Downtime!

iYogi makes it easy for businesses to manage their end computing, networks, servers, mobile devices, applications, and peripherals. The technicians can troubleshoot various glitches so that the performance of your company is not affected. Our experience as a result of providing tech support to millions of users has enabled us to gather business data that allows us to offer you intelligent services. With our expert diagnostics and repair services, minimize the downtime and improve business productivity.