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10 Microsoft Surface features that make you go Wow!

If you think all tablets are the same and, there is no new substance, that can make them stand apart, then you must check out Microsoft Surface, launched recently. Microsoft Surface comes with some extremely cool features that will definitely make it one of the best sellers in the tablet world. Want to know more about the Surface tablet? Check out the 10 Microsoft Surface features that make it an absolute must have.

  1. Surface Tablet stand is inbuiltKickstandHow cool it is, when you donít have to think how to make your tablet stand. Microsoft has very smartly decided that tablet stands are an essential part of tablet designs. The Surface built in Kickstand is made of the same sturdy VaporMg material that encloses the tablet. ďThe hinge design is like that of the finest luxury car," said Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky. The stand looks great for landscape mode. Donít need it; just flip the Kickstand close and it disappears into the tablet casing neatly. With Kickstand, you no longer have to worry about sudden slips. Enjoy complete hands-free entertainment with movies, recipes, and chats, all without touching your Surface tablet.
  2. Slim and smartmicrosoft-surface-windows-8-proYou definitely donít want your tablet to weigh you down. The Surface tablet is thinner than your iPad, though just by 0.1 millimeters. The Surface for Windows RT is 9.3 millimeters thick. The edges of the Microsoft Surface tablet are beveled back at 22 degrees, making the tablet appear even slimmer than the given specifications.
  3. The Surface cover and keyboard is absolutely greatSurface KeyboardIf you think that Microsoft Surfaceís coolest feature is the 10.6 inch display, then you have definitely overlooked the smart Touch Cover that works both as a screen protector and a multi-touch keyboard. The Surface tablet with the Touch cover attached measures just 12 millimeters. Whatís more, the cover comes with a magnetic connector that secures it to the Surface tablet.

    You want to get some real work done; this Tablet is great for that. The keyboard doubles as a track pad with left and right buttons and even has special keys for Windows 8 Metro interface. The Surface table is one unique tablet that makes typing a breeze.

    Once you are on the move, flip Touch Cover or Type Cover over the Surface display. Both the covers automatically turn off the display, helping you save battery life. The keystrokes are also disabled, once you close the cover or fold it back.

  4. Tap Detectionkeyboard tap detectionMicrosoft Surfaceís keyboard has few more great features that make it completely remarkable. Microsoft has invented a fast and pressure sensitive digitizer that lets you rest your hands on the keys, without pressing any unnecessary keys. Can you do this with any other onscreen keyboard? This Microsoft Surface feature is called Ďtap detectioní.
  5. Microsoft Surface Pro for the busy tablet usersmicrosoftsurfacetabletAlmost all tablets focus only on the consumers, but Microsoft with its Surface Pro is looking at power users and enterprises. Packed with Windows 8, Surface Pro features a 3rd generation Intel Core i5 CPU. The tablet runs Windows desktop apps, has full HD graphics and supports ink for pen input. The Surface Pro tablet also comes with a nifty magnetic charging connector for a stylus.
  6. Full-Sized USB Portmicrosoft-surface-usb-portMicrosoft Surface is definitely one of the thinnest tablets to be around, however it still strong enough to hold a full sized USB port. Microsoft Surface for Windows RT supports USB 2.0 and Microsoft Surface Pro for Windows 8 supports USB 3.0. that means that you donít have to shell out extra cash for an overpriced proprietary cable to connect your USB based peripherals.
  7. Tuned For Skypemicrosoft-surface-skypeMicrosoft Surface makes Skype video chats extremely simple. Surface comes with stereo speakers and dual microphones that are completely tuned for Skype. So, now you can chat with your friends while blogging or even recording into minutes of a meeting. You can also sync your files from other PCs, share your work and even collaborate with others through the SkyDrive account. You also get continuous access to all your content that is backed up in the cloud with 7GB of free storage.
  8. Processor and storageprocessorOne of the important features of Microsoft Surface tablet is the fantastic processor and storage capacity. With Surface Pro is packed with 128GB of storage and a Intel quad-core i5 processor. It definitely stands apart in the tablet market with the fight of 64GB storage space.

    The Surface RT comes with an ARM based processor and to a certain extent is similar to Android tablets in the market. This tablet has 32 GB to 64 GB storage space.

  9. Multiple User Accountsmultiple user accounts in surfaceFor a family who plans to share a tablet, it is extremely important to have multiple user accounts. Microsoft Surface tablet lets multiple users set up their individual accounts, with personalized settings. Each user can log into their own settings without fiddling with otherís settings. Great feature for parental controls.
  10. Xbox CompatibilityXbox_surfaceMicrosoft Surface RT is a treat for Xbox owners as they can now connect to Xbox 360 using the SmartGlass app. Once the app is enabled, you can use the tablet as a remote control for your Xbox and stream movies and music on the Surface as well.

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