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12 Samsung Galaxy S4 Features that your Smartphone does not have!

Samsung Galaxy S4 has released today with a cool new look and features that your smartphone does not have….

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes loaded with a bigger screen, better camera and faster processor as compared to the previous Galaxy S phones. The phone also comes loaded with a bunch of new features that is making this phone sell like hot cakes in the market.

Here are the top 12 features that make Samsung Galaxy S4 a showstopper.

1. Air Gestures

This Samsung Galaxy S4 feature refers to the hand movements that are made above the phone’s display, without your coming into direct contact with the display and yet it controls the phone. Some common gestures include waving left to right to switch between open web pages in a browser. However, to make these gestures work you need specific Samsung apps.

2. Air View

With the Air View feature, you can simply hover over the display with your finger and view select piece of content. For example, you can hover over an email and see a longer preview without actually opening the message or hovering, your finger over a date on a calendar will give a quick view of what to expect on that day.

3. Drama Shot

This is a great feature, if you love to take photos. Camera feature lets you shoot 12 photos at once and shows you a time lapse of all the action in the photos that combines into one picture.

4. Dual Camera

With this Samsung Galaxy S4 feature, you can activate both the rear and the front camera so that the photographer can super-impose himself into the photo. With this new feature, you can actually say good-bye to blurred images forever.

5. Dual Video Call

This is a great feature for video chatting. You can show the person both your face and the view from your rear camera while you are chatting.

6. Group Play

If you and your friends are getting Group Play together, then Samsung Galaxy S4 lets you connect with your pals that are in close proximity in a private network. Friends can even play games on the same network.

7. S Health

This is your new and one of the best fitness tracker and food diary. The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with an in-built pedometer that counts your steps and you will be able to take photos of your meals every day and keep a count of your calories and also your eating habits.

8. S Translator

With this Samsung Galaxy S4 app, now you can travel anywhere you want, without the language barrier holding you back. With this app, you can input up to 10 languages and receive a translation, either spoken or in text. You can also use this app to translate text on your email and text messages.

9. Samsung Adapt Display

With this Samsung Galaxy S4 feature, your phone will learn what you are viewing and adjust the display brightness accordingly. So, if you are reading an article, it will increase brightness automatically, giving you better visibility.

10. Samsung Optical Reader

This is a camera feature in Samsung Galaxy S4 that can snap a photo of a business card and then import that information into a new contact in your phonebook.

11. Samsung WatchON

This is a built in IR sensor in Samsung Galaxy S4 that lets you control your television, that is set with your Smartphone. You of course need a standard remote and a program guide as per your cable provider. Samsung Galaxy S4 can also control particular cable boxes and DVD players.

12. Story Album

With this Samsung Galaxy S4 feature, you get templates that will allow you to create a digital photo journal or scrapbook from a particular event. You also have the option of printing out the story album for a fee.

Awesome right? Did any of these Samsung Galaxy S4 features make you jump up in excitement? Share your thoughts with us.

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