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3 Awesome Android First Aid Apps—Putting Help in your Hands

Emergencies are something that can give you the jolt of your life, leaving you totally unprepared. It is times like this that you need a helping hand, to let you know if you are doing the right thing. When we panic, there has to be someone who will help us keep calm and give us the much-needed First Aid guide.

Now with some great First Aid apps on your android smartphone, you can deal with your emergencies in a calm and composed way. These First Aid apps are more like life saving tools that each one of us must have. Here are some awesome First Aid apps that you can download and keep it handy on your smartphone.

First Aid – American Red Cross & British Red Cross

The American Red Cross and the British Red Cross, both have come up with First Aid app for both android and iOS devices, that give you the First Aid support that is much needed in any emergency. What the app primarily does to prompt you to call emergency services. Americans are given 911 number and the British are given 999 as emergency contact number.

When you access the app for a given emergency, it gives detailed information for ailments in different types of categories. The information is also supported with animations and video, to help understand how to go about things. The app also provides information on what to do in natural disasters in order to keep safe.

The app is also quite good for emergency situations, when it acts like a quick response tool. It will take you through a step-by-step process, keeping your patient safe and even diagnose the problems they may be facing.

One of the best things about the app, that it doesn’t require a net connection. Yes, it comes pre-loaded with information, so even if you are stuck in wilderness, you will get the information you require. The First Aid app is perfectly functional, highly detailed and ready to use whenever you need it. Bonus… it has no ads. What else you would want?

GotoAID First Aid Lite

The GotoAID First Aid Lite is another First Aid app that works on both android and iOS devices. With this app, you will be able to get advice on how to handle an emergency situation best. The app will help you with First Aid, emergency preparation and useful tools to give you everything that you need to handle the problem.

For First Aid support, you need to browse through category or alphabetically. Each topic has a brief description of the problem and once you click on ‘Show Steps’, you will get instructions on the right, taking you forward in a systematic way. You also have the option to click on Tips and Warnings for extra information.

This First Aid app provides information in a clear and easy to understand way. This emergency app also has an ‘essentials’ section that covers things that you should learn or refer to in a sudden emergency. The ‘Disaster Preparedness’ also takes you through tips for surviving a hurricane, snowstorm, earthquake or even a tornado.

Wait, there is more this app can do for you. This emergency app also gives a First Aid checklist that helps you prepare a First Aid kit, emergency numbers for every country and a tool that can help you find local emergency services and show you nearby places on a Google map. The app is also loaded with audiovisual cues to help you understand things better.

Pocket First Aid & CPR

The Pocket First Aid and CPR Android and iOS app is a great emergency app and can be downloaded at $1.99. You can browse the content that is required in First Aid emergencies, with separate details for adult and child responses when it comes to CPR and choking. All the content in this app is provided by American Heart Association.

The app makes it simple to respond to emergencies and even learn the basic First Aid. Along with this you will also get CPR advice along with preparing you for natural disasters. All instructions are very clear and come loaded with images and videos.

So, if you find yourself stuck in a situation and need some First Aid advice, remember all you need to do is switch on your smartphone and open one of these apps. Your First Aid help, right in your hands.

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