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3 Smart Rings that rock the Wearable Device World

While technology is getting bigger and better, devices are getting tinier and handier! 2014 was about wearable devices in the form of smartwatches and wristbands and it seems smart rings are going to be the toast in 2015.

Yes, we are ushering into a new era of wearable tech that are compact and yet very functional. So, if you are the kind who loves to flaunt jewelry, check out these three smart rings that rock the wearable device world.

MOTA SmartRing

Slated for release around mid 2015, MOTA SmartRing lets you remain connected, even while you are in the midst of a busy schedule. This wearable device offers itself as a platform where you can bring in all your social media accounts together. Set this smart ring up to alert you about all the latest feeds that you have received on your accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others. You can pick and choose the senders whose notifications you would like to receive on your smart ring and thereby avoid unnecessary distractions. Midnight black and pearl white – choose the color that best captures your style statement and wear it on your finger! MOTA keeps you fashionable and technologically up-to-date… And yes, when you need to recharge the battery, simply connect it to a wireless charging station. Depending on your usage, battery recharge worries shouldn’t hound you before 24 – 72 hours actually.


While Ringly is adorned on your finger, you can give your smartphone a rest. The tiny size of this smart ring, ‘Ringly’ hardly reveals the potential that it has to offer, especially at times when reaching out to your phone to answer a call or text or view the alerts appear tiresome. So, using the Android or iOS-based app of Ringly, you can set it to alert you when you have an important mail received in your mailbox, a call from your mom or boss, or even when your buddy has texted you the plans for the evening. While the gentle vibration patterns of the ring will notify you of the above, it will also ensure that you aren’t disturbed while you are in the midst of an important presentation. Available in five shades of semi-precious jewels, Ringly comes to you in emerald, quartz, moonstone and sapphire stones. Pick the one that best suits your mood today!

Fin Ring

Adorn your thumb with the Fin Ring wearable device and let your friends complement you on your cool fashion quotient! Hang on, it is not just a piece of jewelry – it is your ultimate device controller using which you can control the settings of your HDTV and even pair it (via Bluetooth) to answer calls you have received on your smartphone. This smart ring lets you execute gesture-based controls and convert the daily boring chores into something fun to watch out for. Choose from the available red, white and blue colors and announce to the world that you have finally found technology that matches up to your style!

There are a host of other options also available in this genre; if this list isn’t enough to get you going, watch out while we get you more. There is still some time before you can actually get these devices home. So, till then, keep yourself tuned up here for more…  

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