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5- Ways to make OneNote work better for you

If you are an organization freak and restoring and maintaining the order of things is your calling, then you have found yourself a great companion in Microsoft OneNote. With its new version launched, Microsoft has managed to iron out previously noticed chinks in the app and has put this in direct competition with already established organization tools like Evernote, ToDoist and gTasks. What is most appealing about OneNote is that it functions with equal efficiency in both, online and offline modes. Microsoft has managed to fight off competition from newer champions like Google in the market by this one simple task manager which is available in desktop and mobile variants on Windows, iOS, Mac and Android platforms. Here are five ways with which you can utilize your OneNote to its fullest capacity:

1.      Multiple Text Boxes – No problem: OneNote has a smashing ability for multiple note-taking which has been a problem in many other similar applications. It is a cakewalk to start and resize multiple text boxes within the app without a niche previous understanding of how it works. You can also add tags in every line for easy reference including small image tags. All the tags are easily accessible in the left margin.

2.      Multitasking from Multiple Platforms: You can access your OneNote information through your OneDrive account from any device as long as it is synced. You can easily download the app from the Apple Store or the Android Market for your mobile device and can link it to your desktop account making sure that irrespective of the device, you are always in possession of all your vital tasks. The “Send to OneNote” tool that comes with this app is a true time-saver. You can be in the middle of other tasks on your PC and come across something interesting that you would like to revisit. Ordinarily, saving such information could be a task, but, with the “Send to OneNote” tool that is constantly running on your PC, all you need to do is press Windows Logo+N and voila, OneNote will instantly create a new note.  By pressing Windows Logo+S, you can also capture screen shots of the page you are on or sections therein. You can access them later in the Quick Notes section and organize them in the way you prefer. For best results with this tool, you might like to install the OneNote Clipper plug-in which can give you instant clippings of complete pages on your OneNote. This adds to its utility in working offline. 

3.      Tracking Data has never been Easier: Creating tables to allow you to track data over time and then finding them can be a real bummer if you are using any other task manager, but, with OneNote, it is possible to save quick links to your tables by right clicking on it and choosing the option of “Copy Link to Paragraph”. On the right hand side of the page there is a Table of Contents through which you can easily access these links and save them in your Browser Bookmarks or simply create a desktop shortcut. This makes working on the go a breeze. You can add links to full documents, a page, a text element or any object in your application to access it quickly.

4.      Why Write when you can Record: OneNote comes with a brilliant feature of recording audios and videos which comes in handy at times when you are in a lecture or a meeting or in a situation where note-taking is not an option. It saves time and lets you pay attention to what is being said rather than furiously trying to keep pace with what the speaker is saying to write down. It is advisable to connect a microphone to your device if you intend on using this feature often.     

5.      Automated Content - a big Thumbs Up: The best feature that OneNote has to offer is that you can add information based on every conceivable IFTTT trigger. You can choose to automatically save notes on stories you are interested by using, say, a Reddit trigger or automate content of your choice from your email, or a blog you might like, a newsfeed, Facebook, Flickr, online shopping apps, basically anything. This makes finding the content of your choice so much easier. 

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