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5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for storing iPad and iPhone data

Looking for reliable and handy cloud storage apps for your data on iPad, iPhone, and Mac? Here’re a few reliable ones to start with…


Being an iPhone or iPad user (maybe both), the first viable option that you would want to try out would typically be an Apple product isn’t it? Well, no wonder why iCloud is the first name on our list. This cloud storage and cloud computing service allows you to effectively store all your iPhone, iPad, and Mac data for future use, up in the cloud. The data stored here can be easily accessed and shared among different users so as to collaboratively work on a project. It lets you upload up to 5GB data completely for free.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a favorite among all users looking for a robust cloud storage service, irrespective of the platform they may be using – Windows, Mac, and Linux. So, besides your data on your iPad or iPhone, you could also entrust Google Drive with all your sensitive data that you have on your Windows or Mac machine as well. This service also allows you to upload up to 15GB data (like Copy) for free and supports a host of programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop and a number of video file formats. Files that are of less than 25MB size are also scanned for virus. Offering you a similar interface to that of Google Docs, Google Drive is simple to set up and use.


Dropbox is another handy cloud storage service that you could check out. It allows you storing up to 2 GB data for free and for each referral you make, you can earn up to 500MB up to 18GB! Once you sign-up on Dropbox, a folder will be created on your Mac device or if you have opted for the Dropbox app, you can look for the app icon on your screen and tap it to upload all your contents and secure it instantly.


For a corporate set-up, Cubby is a good choice especially with its up to 5GB free storage capacity and a referral program that earns you lucrative points. It offers a simple design and sync options that let you share files and collaborate with others and even different computers that you own. This way, data is floated easily and you can access it anytime you want. Its unlimited peer-peer syncing facilities make it a particular favorite among iOS users.


As simple as the name, Copy allows you easy means to copy all your iPad contents on to its cloud storage service and enjoy free upload of up to 15 GB data. Backed by Barracuda Networks, Copy offers 5-user support for free. It lets you easily sync, share, and restore files that are AES-256-SHA encrypted. So, with this service around, you don’t have to bother about the security of your uploaded files at all.

These are some of the best free online storage services to try out today. Your data – text, videos, images and so on are sensitive and require care so as to remain available to you for long. So, don’t compromise on anything less. Check out these services and don’t miss to share which one you liked the most and why…

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