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5 Free Android Apps that Help You Find Nearby Places in a Jiffy!

You can browse through the latest travel guide book of the city you are travelling to. You can also hire a local guide to help you explore the best eating and entertainment joints in that city. But, if these sound outdated and boring, here’s something that will get you excited! If you are an Android user and are planning a trip to your dream destination (even someplace lesser), here’s the list of the best and FREE Android apps that you simply can’t do without…

From telling you about the most exciting places for leisure and entertainment to the nearest  station for refilling gas, these apps tell you these and much more. Before you install these apps, here’s what you need to know:

Google Maps

This is certainly the place to get started! Google Maps not only directs you to your destination in the most effortless way, you can also explore its Explore Nearby facility, available in the sidebar. This utility informs you about the popular tourist attractions that are there and also shares reviews of that place including significant tourist information such as visiting hours, the genre of the attraction, address, official website etc. So, be it a restaurant or a recreational joint that you’re interested in, don’t miss to check out the details here before you land up there.

Nearest Places

This is another handy and free Android app that you could conveniently download from the Google Play Store. Nearest Places enables you to find everything in your vacation city that could possibly interest you – eateries, movie halls, shopping places, gas stations and even hospitals and police stations. You could also search the app’s repository by entering a suitable keyword or key-phrase that best depict your search. In a jiffy, Nearest Places will throw up its suggestions!


This traffic and navigation app offers you much more handy data than just guide you to your destination. If you are planning to drive yourself around the city you’re visiting, you’ve got to have this free app on you to save yourself many a hassle. From the address of the nearest gas station to the traffic details in real-time to information on the route you’re taking – Waze provides you all in just a few taps. To share the data with you, it relies on robust sources such as Google, Yelp and Foursquare.

Find NearBy

With a wide catalog of over 90 categories listed in this free app, you know you’ve choices aplenty when it comes to exploring entertainment, emergency and even rental options in your holiday city. Find NearBy also lets you make calls, directly from the app, to the phone number of the location you need information on. No lapses, no hassles… this is what you can call more than worth the price!

Nearby Place Locator

This compact and easy-to-browse-through app offers you prompt information on the nearest embassies, ATMs, gas stations, beauty salons, banks, pharmacies, service providers and so on. Maps, website address, distance, and other useful information that is flashed across the app make your sojourn and visit of the place effortless and interesting.

Isn’t it fun to learn that there are so many apps to help you explore your place of visit, almost like a resident? Well, with so much information already lined up for you, you sure can visit your next city like you’ve always lived there… So, why waste time? Install these free Android apps today!

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