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5 Hottest (and Not-So-Hot) Smart Home Devices of CES 2015

Blame it on rampant use of apps on smartphones and tablets, but apps are here to stay. Developers are taking their apps to newer dimensions and sprawling the range of app consumption from mobile devices to newly blooming smart devices and appliances. Right from washing machines, thermostats, doorbell, smart switches, oven, to air-conditioner – many smart home devices are introduced to adorn our new urban, connected lifestyle. A bunch of new smart devices were debuted at CES 2015, Las Vegas. .

Seemingly, your home will no longer be just sweet, but smart too with the advent of these brand new smart devices announced at CES 2015. Some devices have stolen the show, while some have left a lot to long for. Let’s check out hot and not-so-hot smart devices to be launched in 2015.

Hot smart home devices at CES 2015

LG Twin Wash  

I could not possibly start this roundup of smart home devices without mentioning LG Twin Wash. The washing machine has ushered innovation in home appliances by introducing a washing machine within a washing machine, as the name suggests. The Twin Wash features full-size load on top and a pull-out, comparatively smaller drawer at the bottom to let you opt for a consecutive second wash. Thus, twin Wash is going to curtail time-consuming laundry chores and save time for other household chores.

At the same time, the smaller loads can work well for more delicate items which you want to wash in a different washing cycle. The washing machine is compatible with LG TurboWash that allows sprinkling detergent straight onto clothes. Also its EcoHybrid Dryer manages to reuse heat to save energy and energy bills. This is a Wi-Fi enabled LG washer and dryer that pairs with a companion ThinQ app to program the device as well as to get notifications. You can also connect your phone with the device using near-field communication (NFC).

Lowes Iris expansion

Lowes has shown marked improvements in smart home devices at CES 2015 with its all new Iris expansion. Lowes Iris gadgets use the same hub similar to its predecessor launched in 2014. Hence, you can save your money from being spent in a new hub if you are simply upgrading to a new device. Lowes appended its new lineup with leak detectors door locks, in-wall electrical outlets, water shut-off valves, irrigation control, garage-door openers, smart water heaters, and more. This new range of smart home device is soon going to launch in a few months.   

 Pella Insynctive

Pella enters the market of connected or smart home devices with its innovative lineup of wireless products. Pella showcased its latest wireless smart home device at CES 2015 – its notable, programmable shades and blinds. More than just an opulent smart home gadget, this motorized device promises to keep interior cozy and comfortable across all seasons. The Insynctive by Pella once again marked its manufacturer’s passion for innovation as the device is based on a new technology called Z-Wave. Being equipped with Z-Wave sensors, this new range of shades and blinds allow users programming shades to open and close automatically as per season and their preferred preset time. Pella Insynctive perfectly fits to any door, window or even garage door and it comes in three different types of shades and blinds that are roller shade, cellular shade and wood blind.

Dacor Dual-Range Discovery Wall Oven

The oven that brought Android to your cooking appliances… In a nutshell, it is an Android-based kitchen appliance from Dacor which is a high-tech 30-inch built-in wall oven and can be controlled using an Android tablet. If you often set in time and forget about it, this dual-range oven will let you cook food perfectly every time. Its Discovery IQ Controller is a 7-inch Android tablet which connects to the oven using Discovery IQ cooking app via Wi-Fi connectivity. The tablet has an 800-by-480-pixel capacitive screen, a single-core 1GHz processor, 16GB onboard storage and a slot for to 32GB memory stick. Once paired, you can simply tap the recipe listed in display menu on the app and the oven takes care of the rest – except barely minimum actions such as, entering the weight of ingredient, insert the oven pan or the like. Once cooked, the app will alert that the dish is ready through a push notification or a text message. You can also simply leave the dish in the warming mode to keep the food warm until you take it out to serve.  

And not-so-hot smart home entries at CES 2015    

Oral-B Pro SmartSeries 7000

This Bluetooth-connected toothbrush could do little to stun people! This Oral-B Pro SmartSeries 7000 toothbrush claims that it will let you follow dentists’ brushing guidelines. For this, it pairs the device to the phone with an app to prompt how to brush which part of the mouth, where you need to press gently and where to press hard. If you are not into fanatic about brushing too methodically and to equip your smart home with a wireless toothbrush, then you can give this technology-aided Oral-B Pro SmartSeries 7000 a miss.


Are you ready for a wall-mounted control panel for your smart home? If you really want to sport this control panel for your home, you have to prepare your mind for shelling hundreds of bucks for each room. That’s right, though this wall-mounted switch panel will let you do a bit extra more than just controlling lights, but the $500 price tag will burn your pocket for just a smart control panel controller for each room for sure. An economic, smaller version of Umbrela was also on display at CES 2015 which screams an equally exorbitant price tag of $300.         

 Kidde Fire Safety’s RemoteLync 

Will you spend your money in a tiny, unaesthetic smart home device that only thing it does is raising an alert of smoke or carbon monoxide emission? With a gamut of such smoke sensor devices already available in the market, some of them even feature extra perks such as cute family-pleasing designs, nightlights and other benefits – you may not be interested for another same device. Hence, this smart device could not do much in pleasing crowd at CES 2015 who look for innovation, aesthetic design or advanced functionalities in gadgets.

So, are you ready to welcome this new breed of smart home devices showcased at CES 2015? What do you think of them – drop your comments below.

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