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5 Must-have Tools for Running your Business Smoothly

Successfully running a business, big or small, requires hard work, perseverance, and good organizational skills. It also requires the art of managing everything on a tight budget and still stay afloat. Today a number of business tools are available that can help you strengthen the foundation of your business and keep it strong.

Here’s a list of must-have tools for bootstrapped businesses:

Google Apps

Today more than 5 million businesses use Google Apps to power up their functioning. An absolute Swiss Army Knife for every business in this digital age, Google Apps gives you the freedom to work from just about anywhere. Some of the best features of Google Apps include:

  • The ability to access your e-mail, calendars, and documents on the go
  • Store data and share it in the cloud using Google Drive
  • Schedule face-to-face meetings and presentations using Google Hangouts

Zoho Invoice

Get your monthly invoicing done within seconds with Zoho Invoice. This simple, yet intuitive, software helps you to

  • Craft perfect invoices
  • Set up recurring statements
  • Track payments
  • Get paid faster online

It also makes all the information accessible at your fingertips. It also gives you critical insights on your business performance and helps know your customers as well as your best selling products.

Startup Stash

Startup Stash is a curated directory of hundreds of helpful tools and software programs that can help you organize and build your business. Organized in easy-to-understand categories, this software system strives to be your single point access to everything you need to know when running your business.

The UI is in the form of a grid that contains 40 categories, covering everything from early-stage idea generation to market research and from booking a domain name to raising capital for your business. Each category will show a curated list of top 10 resources for that particular area, all of which have been well researched and compiled.


Clear you brain of all the clutter and store it on Evernote. An exceptional storing and organizing tool, Evernote helps you

  • Take, store and organize notes and ideas on the go
  • Create unique notebooks to store your snippets
  • Share ideas with other team members for their inputs

So, whether it is a unique business idea or your login details for a bunch of websites, this online tool helps you recall them easily.


Buffer is an excellent social media scheduling tool that helps businesses easily manage different social media platforms to ensure each customer type is targeted for maximum business profitability. Buffer helps you

  • Formats posts and ensures your content is communicated across all profiles.
  • Analyze the success and reach of your posts
  • Choose what time or what day of the week you want to share your content, to get maximum reach and visibility by your target audience.

There you have it. Five tools that can help you streamline your business. So, start using these tools right away to take the hard work out of running your business and spend more time doing what you always wanted to do.  


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