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5 Reasons To Switch To Firefox

What is the first thing that you do when you switch on your PC? Do you check mails, scan through the latest shopping deals or browse the web? No matter which one of these activities come in your priority list, you need the right browser to get the best web experience.

Through every waking moment that you spend on your PC, you need a browser and though you have a number of choices available right from Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, the minute details make the larger impact. So, if you have tried out the multiple browsers installed on your PC and still feeling somewhat dissatisfied, then perhaps it is time to make a switch…to Firefox.

Check out these five reasons to make the move from your existing browser to Mozilla Firefox and let us know did it change anything for you.

1. Tab-Forward

If you just can’t browse without tabs, then this becomes the very first reason for making the switch to Firefox. This browser does tabs better than any other browser. If you ‘pin’ the tabs, it collapses, giving you more space on the top of the browser window, letting you surf through more pages at the same time. Firefox is not only convenient, but also smart. It knows what tabs you have open. So, if you navigate to the same site that is already open in one of the tabs, it would simply take you there. You can also find special ‘app tabs’ that use Mozilla Social API to keep pages like Twitter, Facebook and Web Mail running in the background. It will automatically let you know if you have a notification, so you don’t have to keep checking pages all the time.

2. Drag-And-Drop Customization

This Firefox feature lets you customize your toolbar. So, all you really need to do is drag and drop items to rearrange or add new bookmarks. Firefox will show you a zoomed out view of your custom browser, so that you get a fair idea how it is going to look like.

3. Reader Mode in Android

If you require browsers on your Android devices also, then Firefox gives you one more reason to make the switch. Firefox has come up with a font that makes reading on android devices easy and comfortable. Isn’t this exactly what you were looking for?

4. Hyper-Secure Browsing

Firefox promises to keep you safe, no matter how you work and how much you work. Firefox has mixed content protection. So, it identifies a page that is mostly secure but it may also contain some insecure stuff, like auto play video, unknown plug in etc. Firefox will let you visit the webpage with the pieces that are secure and will shut down the insecure content. Also, Do Not Track is automatically enabled to prevent sites from tracking your web activity and then giving that information to advertisers. You will easily be able to find, navigate and enable or disable with the settings button.

5. Firefox OS

On June 3, Foxconn announced a partnership with Mozilla to get Firefox OS on Foxconn devices. The smartphone is going to be affordable and very user friendly.

There are many more reasons to make the switch to Firefox, but at the end the selection will majorly depend on your web habits and what works for your PC. Our suggestion, give Firefox 21 a shot. It is worth it!

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