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5 Technology Forecasts-Fade Out and Hot In

Have you ever thought, what will happen, if suddenly you wake up one morning and found everything that’s technology has vanished! Yes, from your fridge to your smartphone. It is a nightmare, worse than bankruptcy. Well, even though this thought seems far from real, there are gadgets and gizmos that are a must have today are going to fade out, soon….

Before you invest in a brand new device, gadget and for that matter anything related to technology, take a look at these technology trends that forecasts the fade out and hot in concepts.

1.       Goodbye Smartphones and Hello IoT

The thin line between smartphones and tablets are already thin and very soon smartphone screens are going to disappear altogether to be replaced by Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable tech. With devices like smartwatches and smart glasses coming strong, who really needs a bulky phone to be carried around? As per IDC research firm, gadgets like smartphone and smart glass will reach about 112 million units and that also by 2018.

2.       Mo' betta mobile power

Mobile batteries are super annoying. They give up on you when you need it the most, they add weight to your smartphone, take a long time to charge and of course add to the toxic disposal issue.

"Batteries will be replaced by supercapacitors [a.k.a. ultracapacitors], most likely, or fuel cells as more efficient ways to store and provide energy," says Enderle.

Supercapacitors work like the general capacitors but with the capacity to store much more energy. At the moment, they are expensive and don’t hold as per power as a common battery, but they do charge immediately and can last over a million or more charge cycles.

In the next 5 years, you can expect to see them as supplements and within 10 years we can expect a mass replacement.

3.       Let your device do the talking

The need to press buttons and do clicks has nearly disappeared. Almost all functions are now controlled by smartphone apps. The future IoT connected devices will require even less of this interaction.

"Devices will be connected but also self-diagnosing and correcting," says Campbell. "If there's a problem with the dishwasher, the repair person can remotely fix the issue without ever contacting me."

There are definitely security and breach of personal space kind of issues lingering at the moment, but with next 10-15 years this will be our way of life. Are you geared up?

4.       Reactive Security Out and Predictive Security In

The security circle we are in at the moment is reactive security. To put it simply, we react when there is a security breach. Right from company’s firewall settings getting modified to anti-malware version updates, everything is a counter reaction to something that went wrong.

This approach will soon be replaced by predictive security. The trick will be done by using data mining and analysis to track and anticipate cyber threats, as per Jai Menon, vice president and chief research officer with Dell's Research division. Other tools that would be helpful are OpenDNS' Umbrella Security Graph.

5.       Technology's evergreen player

Finally, we come to that one thing that is going to stay with us for a very very long time…email. No matter, how much we try to replace email, through messaging, voice mail and other stuff, it sticks around. How will you send attachments, archive, address multiple recipients and have a permanent record? Well, even if we come up with a new product, it will still be like email.

"Email will live on forever," says Campbell. "I'm willing to call it the cockroach of software. We may hate it, but it will be around until the end of time."

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