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5 Tools to Boost Your Visual Social Media Presence

Social media is big and is only growing bigger. But getting the most out of your social media channel is not an easy task. Companies, over the years, have tried various tricks and techniques to engage their audience on their social networks. Though sharing insightful content has worked for many, but statistics have always proved that nothing drives more engagement on a social media channel than a witty, entertaining, or a cleverly designed image. Therefore, the use good visuals and creatives has become an absolute necessity if you want to improve your brand presence in the online world.

Here is a list of tools that you can use to improve your visual presence on different social media channels:


One of the most robust image editing tools, Pixlr offers a number of functionalities to help you create powerful images for your social media channels. It comes with three different options:

  • Pixlr Editor - An advanced editor, just like Photoshop, it allows you to create images from the scratch and do advanced level of editing on images you want to promote on your social media platforms.
  • Pixlr Express - This is a powerful photo editor that allows you to make quick fixes and add your personal style for a powerful visual experience.
  • Pixlr O-Matic - Want to crop your images or give them a retro effect? This tool is just for you. It allows you to edit your photographs, change their tone, and add borders and effects.


Have something interesting to say to your audience? Turn your words into beautiful images using Quozio and share it to your social network. All you have to do is to select a background and enter your text and Quozio will instantly create an image for you.


Want to go an extra mile with images and creatives? Try Snagit and capture great looking images and videos in minutes. You can also customize your screen captures with effects and highlight important facts using its markup tools. Snagit is especially important if you want to create a tutorial on your blogs.


PhotoDropper is really the easiest way to find, license, and embed photos from several websites to your blog or share them on your social media channel. In just few clicks, you can sort through over 253 million images for your blog. In fact, PhotoDropper is the most cost effective way to spruce up your blog or social media channel in a flash.


Like great ideas, great images can also come and go in a fraction of seconds. So, if you find an interesting image but don’t want to use it right away, put it in your ‘Pocket’ and save it for a lifetime. An extremely easy-to-use web browser extension, Pocket allows you to save an image with a single click and share once you think will suit your audience.

Visual web is as important for your business as your other marketing strategies. So, use the right tools to improve the visual look of your content to drive more engagement and get the most out of your social media accounts.


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