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6 Apps that promise a fantastic road trip

The summer season is here and that means holiday and road trips for most of us. Though we get our vehicles ready with all the essential gear, the same needs to be done for our gadgets as well. Arming your smartphone with apps can make your road trip smooth and efficient largely. Here are 6 apps that promise a fantastic summer road trip to any holiday destination.

Gas Buddy

Saving on gas on road trips becomes very crucial. After all, you donít want your entire holiday budget to go away in filling up your tank. Gas Buddy is your one stop resource for making those smart pit stop decisions.

This app will let you search for gas prices close to your current location or by your city. You can view gas stations on a map or even in a list format. If you go for a list format, you can then surf through different tabs for regular, midrange, premium and diesel prices. You will also be able to check when was the last time that the prices were updated. Gas Buddy is a free app and is downloadable from the App Store and Google Play.


If you are on the road, then you definitely need the traffic-mapping app, Waze. The app instantly connects you to its network of local drivers that help in getting traffic information and road reports on things like accidents, construction areas, police traps and more. The road app also lets you join Waze groups and connect with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

The app also provides a turn by turn driving direction on a live map. Waze will automatically check for the latest traffic information and will then re-route you, if the current traffic condition are subpar. Waze road app collects data from usersí GPS locations while they are driving and then adds that data to its traffic logs. However, to get this data the app needs to run in the foreground of your mobile device.

You can get Waze app from the App Store or Google Play.


Are your family members constantly worrying, every time you go for a road trip? Keep connected with your near and dear ones with Twist. With this simple app, you can track a personís location, receive directions, share photos along your route, send messages and even get venue and weather details. When you share a Twist with someone, they will get updates on your current location. So there is always someone on a lookout for you.

This road app is also very useful, when you are trying to coordinate multiple cars, heading towards a particular destination. Twist app is private, so only the people you want will get updates and not the whole world.

You can get Twist in the App Store and Google Play.


You are driving in a no-manís land, gas is blinking red alert and your friends in the backseat are ready to kill you, if you donít spot a burger joint soonÖ.iExit to the rescue.

iExit can save you from all interstate dilemmas. iExit displays an easy to read list of approaching exits and rest areas. It will also show colored icons, indicating the services right from food, gas, lodging and camping areas. You can also filter by category, like if you are looking for premium gas or just a stop over for food. You can also sort places by distance from where you are currently located.

You can get iExit from App Store and Google Play.


Not really fond of the songs played on the local radio station, so why hear it? How about getting a continuous podcast using Stitcher. You can browse through the app selection of 15000 On-Demand Shows for a podcast that is both entertaining and insightful. Stitcher app also gives recommendations that are based on what you like to listen. You can also check out what your Facebook friends like to hear.

The app also comes with a Ďcar modeí, giving large playback control buttons. Also the iOS version gives an offline mode, so you only get what you require.

You can download Stitcher from the App Store or Google Play.

Family Car Games

Yes, you actually get family car games blunded in an app. You get games like Road Trip Scavenger Hunt that gives you stuff in a digital format. You will also find over a million versions of Angry Birds along with a load of games.

Family Car Games is not a gaming app. Rather it is a resource for instructions for over 100 no-equipment needed games that you can play and keep busy on a road trip. And yes, the app is family friendly. You can filter through the games, according to age friendliness, difficulty or just type of game.

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