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7 Websites that kill noise and help you stay focused

You are just about to conclude that important speech for tomorrow and you hear…. ‘You know; boss is going on a holiday’.

Annoying? Office gossip and other background sounds around you is the last thing you require. So, how about cutting all the background noise around you? Yes, you have your dear headphones. However, headphones are only tool to the solution you are looking for.

Whether you play music with lyrics or without, some amount of distraction is always there. You get lost in your favorite melody or the lyrics just simply enter your thoughts and so on. How about trying something a bit different this time?

One extremely smart way to kill noise and focus on whatever you are doing, is capture the natural sounds around us. Whether it is rain, thunder, a trickling creek, birds, anything that you find soothing. Here are 7 websites that kill noise and help you stay focused at all times.

1. Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood is one website that lets you enjoy the sound of rain, accompanied by thunder and even little chirping of birds. The sound is so beautiful that you actually feel you are sitting enjoying rain (just don’t look outside your window). You will instantly feel the cool rainy mood effect around you. The interface of the website is clean and it also offers a video of the day that features a song accompanied by the sound of the rain.

2. iSerenity

If you are looking for sounds and the presentation does not matter too much to you, then iSerenity offers different sound themes right from rainforests to waterfalls to vacuums to even hairdryers. Over all, you get 21 different sounds to make your pick.

3. SounDrown

Similar to Rainy Mood, SounDrown has the sound of rain and also other environments like coffee shops, waves crashing on a beach, trains, fountains and even kids. So, if rain is not your cup of coffee, then you now have multiple sounds that can keep you focused at all times.

4. SimplyNoise And SimplyRain

SimplyNoise specializes in ‘colored’ noise like white noise, pink noise and brown noise. The different colors represent the different octaves in the sound. The white is the highest and brown is the lowest. You will also find controls for oscillating and a timer.

SimplyRain is a SimplyNoise website that simply plays the sound of rain. You have volume control, oscillation and even timer controls that make the entire experience quite awesome. You will also find controls to toggle thunder sounds and even adjust the intensity of the rain.

5. WhiteNoise 24/7

WhiteNoise 24/7 is not just about white noise, quite contradictory to its name. It also has nature and mechanical sounds. You can look for the different sounds that are located under the different tabs on the top from Unlimited, Nature and Mechanical. Under the Unlimited section, you will also be able to select pink and white noise, along with sounds of rain, shower and vents.

The Nature Sounds page features the sounds of the flowing river, hard rain, ocean waves and even rain with sounds of large droplets. If you prefer mechanical sounds, then here you can find ventilator, dishwasher, washing machine and even shower. However, the sound quality of the website failed to impress me.

6. Coffitivity

If you are a true coffee lover, you are sure to fall in love with this site. Coffitivity has a clean, nice and modern interface. Even the sound quality on this website is pretty good. The website offers just coffee shop sounds. It takes you right back to the feeling of sitting in a coffee shop and putting your creativity to some use.

7. NatureSoundPlayer

Looking for something simple and effective, go for The website gives you 8 different sounds from nature to select from. The categorization is through images and not titles. So, if you are looking for the sound of waves, then just select the picture of waves and a beach. You can play more than one sound at a time, allowing you to create your own mix of drown noise music.

The Verdict

The serene nature sounds really work better than music tracks we generally play in the background. Having a variety is always welcome and if you can create your own mix, then it can make things interesting. Though we have talked about websites here, there are also different apps available for nature sounds.

So, the next time you want to shut down the office fight going on in the next cubicle or the crying baby in the coffee shop, just pick up your headset and open one of these websites and escape into your own natural den.

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