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8 Must-Do Things Soon after youíve got a New Computer Home!

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner to a brand new computer. Is it a desktop or a laptop? Is it a Mac machine or a Windows-based device? Well, irrespective of the make and the model, here is the list of must-do first few things that every new computer owner should take care of. It isnít just about un-boxing the device and setting it up instantly Ė itís also about ensuring that your device remains productive for a long time to comeÖ

Click a picture of the deviceís Serial Number and Windows license key

Yes, typically, this should be the first task to complete. You may leave it for later, but trust it, thatís never going to happen Ė you will conveniently forget it in time; the contents will fade with regular use making it difficult for you to read it; and also it will be inconvenient to read the data especially while the machine is in use. So, first things first; click a picture of the serial number and license key save them instantly in a place you can easily access. If at all you will need to reinstall your computer, this data will come in handy.

Check for recovery media; if it hasnít come along, create a copy

Most manufacturers also pack a recovery CD or drive along with the box; in case yours hasnít, donít fret yet. Before you go on to configure the computer, create a recovery point on a CD or a USB stick and keep it handy for future use. This will save you time, effort and money when you will actually need this (for reinstalling).

Insure your device for eventualities

Extra coverage on your computer wonít ever hurt; rather, it will be beneficial when you will save a lot of sensitive data in it, in the course of time. Planning to opt for homeowner or renterís insurance can be a good option to explore at this juncture.

Warranty expiry reminder

This is yet another must-do activity you need to complete straight after un-boxing your computer. Set the date a few days prior to the actual expiry date to avoid any last minute rush and the risk of remembering only when itís too late.

Once these somewhat-boring hardware-focused tasks are over, itís now time to secure your operating system and other software that you will install. But before that here are things you need to handle.

Power your device and charge its battery to 100%

While itís nasty to ask you to wait for a few more hours while your new device (laptop, notebook, et. al) charges its battery, it will nonetheless pay off in the long run. Donít forget to connect it to a surge protector, in case youíre in an area that experiences frequent power outages or irregular power cuts. Once the battery is completely charged, go ahead and follow up on the next.

Ensure that all system specifications are in place

This is the best time to verify if you have received everything that you paid for. In case of a miss, you could easily return it. Check for the installed processor, model, HDD, etc. and if there is any discrepancy, raise it immediately.

Change passwords and install security solutions

To get started with securing the device, modify all the passwords that had come set at the time of purchasing the computer. Thereafter, install a robust antivirus and antimalware program to keep your device and digital data safe. Donít miss to configure the settings to best suit your preference and requirements. Remember, this isnít a one-time activity; with time, continuous use, and regular data saved on your device, you may require to modify the settings further to tighten the security noose.

Import all your files saved on your old machine

While this you can do later on as well, once you have installed your favorite applications such as the productivity software, email software and others, you could easily import your data from the old machine to this new one and prepare it for use.

Now, you are good to go ahead with your new machine, which by now, should be completely ready to take you on a roller coaster computing ride! Have fun while using your device and keep it safe to enjoy it throughoutÖ

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