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9 Little Known Features that would make your iPhone even more Awesome

When Apple launched the iPhone for the first time, it took the world by storm. Even now, their quality innovations have always been considered superior to any other competition in the market. However, there are a lot of hidden tips and tricks to make your iPhone even more awesome. iOS 7 and later software make this device a force to reckon with. Here are 9 features you probably didnít know about the newer software upgrades:

1.      Orientation bubble: iOS 7 has several hidden features which are of great use. One of them is nestled under the Compass, a Level. Swipe left in Compass to find this feature and use it to check the orientation and level of any object while holding your phone horizontally, like a gaming controller.

2.      Choose which apps use what kind of data: You can actually choose which apps access cellular data and which ones can access the internet only through wifi. Just go to Settings > Cellular and go through the list. Every app will have statistics on how much data it is consuming. You can change which of these use only wifi and which ones can be active over cellular data.

3.       AirDrop everything: AirDrop is one of the most under-utilized functions of iOS 7 and higher, mostly, people use it only to send pictures.  You can use this feature to share just about anything, emails, texts, maps. You can even set up a sort of a Dropbox for multiple users with AirDrop.

4.      Shake to un-delete: We all are only too familiar with the pain of deleting or moving a message we didnít intend to. Now, instead of following the long process of going into the account, trash and move it back, you can just shake your device and an undo box will appear. Restore what you deleted with ease.

5.      Extension code dilemma solved: If you use a particular phone number, say your office, often and have to dial the extension code every time you dial, you can make it easier. Go to the Keypad section and enter the phone number you dial, tap and hold the pound key till it becomes a semi-colon and enter the extension number. Save this in contacts and the next time you dial the number, a small popup in the bottom left corner will give you the option of dialing the extension number with just one tap.

6.      Stay connected: The Find My Friends app can help you coordinate with your friends better if you are meeting up with them by telling you exactly when they head out. It works both ways. This is all due to Geofences. Just launch the Find My Friends app, select the friend you want to be notified about and tap the More button in the toolbar. At the bottom of the contact card, choose either Notify Me or Notify (your friendís name).

7.      Shake your head for better accessibility: Starting with iOS 7, Apple introduced gesture controls that can be performed with bobbing your head. Go to Settings>General > Accessibility > Switch Control>Switches and set the camera as the source. You can now set a left head gesture and a right head gesture to each perform specific functions.

8.      Get localized:  While traveling, it is always a good idea to frequent places which the locals go to in order to really get a flavor of that place. You might want to try the restaurant that locals eat at or that inconspicuous watering hole which is a popular local hangout. iOS7 onwards, Apple has introduced the feature of Near Me in Apple store which can help you find the popular apps in that area, like restaurant apps, public transport apps and even activities apps.

9.      Single swipe to close three apps: Since we use our phone for a variety of purposes, sometimes, there is a long list of open apps active on your phone in the background. If you want to quickly close these, you can use a single swipe on your iPhone. You can close up to three apps in one go by using three fingers at once. 

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