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A tablet or an e-book reader – What do you opt for?

With global sales of e-books doubling every year, there has been a lot of boom in the publishing world, all thanks to the tablets and the e-book readers that are becoming more and more affordable with each passing day. Both tablets and e-book readers have re-shaped the way we consume our digital media. Tablets have already started outselling netbooks in US as well as other parts of the world. Long battery life and paper-like reading experience have made both these devices a close competitor of each other. But, with both tablets and e-book readers posing to be a tempting option for any avid reader, the task of choosing between the two has become even more daunting. The decision mainly depends on your needs and preferences. So before making a buying decision, evaluate your needs that will help you choose the right product for you. Let’s help you simplify the task.

Do you need a device only to read books?

An e-book reader is hugely limited to the task of offering you screen space only to read e-books. It does not offer you clunky web-browsing features and is low on the availability of apps.

However, if you have a more varied menu on your plate than just reading e-books, then a tablet might suit your style. This includes playing games, browsing the Internet, sending out e-mails, and more. Not just this, most of the tablets give you the option to download apps from Kindle, Nook, and other digital sellers. These apps are well-built and give you a similar experience like any other dedicated e-book reader.

E-book readers are immersive

Let’s face it; you love your e-mails, chats, tweets, notifications as much as you love reading your book. Tablets are great for multi-tasking, but they are also a constant source of distraction. They are ideal for users who need constant access to information and enjoy staying connected at all times.

On the other hand, e-book readers do their job very well – the job of letting you immerse in your e-book and stay aloof from the rest of the world to enjoy an uninterrupted reading experience. So, if you are looking for a similar experience, then e-book readers are surely a blessing for you.

Easy on eyes

Well, no tablet can keep up with a black-and-white e-book reader when it comes to long reading sessions without straining your eyes. Moreover, e-book readers are best fit whether you plan to read e-books in a closed space, like your home or office, or while on the go. But on the flipside, most of the e-book readers require additional light source when you are reading in a dim-light environment.

Conversely, tablets usage is all about gaining a multimedia experience. Bright and colorful tablets are very different from e-book readers. Their high-quality back-lit LCD touchscreen is a breeze when you want to watch movies or surf the net, but strains your eyes when you plan to read long novels, biographies, literatures, or the best sellers. However, for magazines and reference books, tablets are a more tempting option.

The e-ink technology

If you are a devoted reader, you would definitely appreciate the e-ink technology that makes reading on an e-book reader a breeze. The text on an e-ink is easier to read than on an LCD screen, especially in the bright light where the LCD screen tends to wash out the e-book reading experience, but e-ink based e-book readers retain your readability without being harsh on your eyes.

Battery backup

E-book readers are backed up by batteries that last for an entire month; though some companies claim a battery backup of more than two months. When compared to this, a tablet has an average battery life of not more than 10 hours.


All the loveliness that a tablet offers comes for a price. Tablets cost more than a traditional e-book reader. You can buy a dependable e-book reader for just $70, but have to spend at least $150 or more to buy a 7-inch tablet, which will definitely trigger a thought if you are looking out for a purchase on a budget.

Screen size

Most of the e-book readers offer a 6-7 inch screen size, which is an adequately sized screen for reading a book. Though there are bigger e-book readers, but they are far more expensive, considering the usability that an e-book reader offers.

Tablets, on the other hand, are typically available in the range of 7-12 inches and are best fit for people who prefer large screens to fit in more words on a page.

Unlimited access to e-books

The usability of tablet is limited by the fact that many e-book manufactures offer an unlimited access to thousands of e-books that can help you save big bucks.

The app accessibility

Tablets are versatile devices that boast of hundreds and thousands of apps that can be easily downloaded from various app stores. They also have free apps for all major e-book suppliers, including Kobo, Kindle, Sony reader, and others. Not just this, tablets also have more accessories than any e-book reader.

E-book readers have few or no apps, limiting the user experience.


Tablets excel over the e-book reader not just in versatility but also in variety. With a number of tablets available in the stores, you really get an opportunity to choose the best one. On the other hand, only limited numbers of models are available in e-book readers.

Speed and memory

When compared to an e-book reader a tablet is more powerful and fast in processing applications, thanks to their fast processors and upgradable memory. But tablets have much more to do than a dedicated e-book reader. Apps! Games! Videos! All these are wonderful accoutrements that no e-book reader can offer you. But these features also bring along memory issues that the tablets have to accommodate.

E-book readers, on the other hand, can already store more books than you would ever need. The display is refreshingly efficient and there are new models coming out every year with minor tweaks to keep your reading experience ablaze.

What to buy

If you are a dedicated internet user and want to read books as well as browse the web for social networking, financial transactions, and chatting, or you a business user who wants to satisfy your reading desire while you are on the go without juggling between a number of digital devices, then tablet is a sure shot answer for you. But for all the bookworms who are looking for a complete and uninterrupted reading experience, e-book reader is the perfect answer.

However, if you are still confused and need some more help to make a wise decision between the two, then take a look at what people around you are opting for:

A tablet or an e-book reader – How to make a choice?

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