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Did you know this about Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth technology allows you to seamlessly connect to the different devices and peripherals and share a whole lot of things than just listen to music. Your headsets are Bluetooth enabled, arenít they? But, what about the Bluetooth technology that you have, enabled in your other devices? Have you made the optimum use of the same? Well, you are reading through this post means you would be happier to learn a few more uses of this technology, isnít it? So, here you goÖ

Controlling your smart home

While everyone is busy ushering in the connected world to their homes, you too can control yours by exploring the advantages of the Bluetooth technology. The thermostat system, the lighting in your home and even the security system Ė you could monitor and manage each of these and more using this technology.

Monitoring your fitness gadgets

Include Bluetooth technology in your fitness regimen! Yes, there are plenty of gadgets available that support this technology and you can use them to keep your exercise routine under check. Monitor your heart rate, count your steps and the calories burnt, keep a tab on your blood sugar and pressure levels and get as fit as a fiddle.

Tethering or creating a hotspot

Use your smartphone to create a hotspot for your laptop or notebook and carry on with your web surfing sessions nonstop. Using Bluetooth for Tethering can be better than using Wi-Fi, especially when you are on the go. A data-enabled mobile phone can actually be pretty handy.

Transferring files between your mobile device and computer

Same like creating a hotspot, you can easily pair up your different Bluetooth-enabled devices and share data between them. So, if you have some important files on your home computer, which you will need in office during the day, you can easily transfer them to your smartphone and carry them along.

Connecting peripherals in your home

If you have wireless peripherals at home, use the available Bluetooth technology to connect them to your computer, laptop or mobile device. So, all the keyboards that you have or printer or audio devices or the mouse that you recently purchased, donít worry about using them all. Pair them instantly and get goingÖ Enjoy your music sessions on your home stereo and complete your printing tasks in no time.

As you can see, you can use Bluetooth technology in many more ways than one and its simple to use interface makes it handier. So, donít waste timeÖ simply use the above information to pair up your devices and donít miss to share with us how it helped you. Before you get started, hereís a simple word of caution. Bluetooth is known to be heavy on battery; therefore, enable it on your devices only when you are about to pair. Once you are done, remember to disable the service or else you will soon have to deal with low battery issues on your devices, especially laptop and smartphone.

For more such simple tricks and tips, donít miss to watch this spaceÖ

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