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Apple Health vs. Google Fit: Which One Would You Prefer?

The Apple vs. Google battle seems to be getting hotter!

Hardware, smartphones, newer operating system versions and so on… both the tech giants have strived for our attention while announcing their latest launches and with their entry into the genre of wearable gadgets, this competition rises up several notches higher.

If you too wanted to pamper yourself to the latest health-monitoring wearable gadget from either brand, here’re the specifications highlighted for you. It would be unfair to pitch one against the other as every user has brand fixation, preference for particular metrics, user interface, and cores that they best like the way they are. So, depending on your choice, here’s what you’ve been looking for…

Apple Health features

You are an Apple fan and surely don’t want to explore beyond Apple Health. No worries; try the latest Apple Health app and enjoy managing your fitness records simply at your fingertips. This app, through its HealthKit APIs, collects data from other Apple-compatible fitness tracking apps and provides you all the details in one consolidated record. So, from general health information to critical data, you can store all of it on your iOS-based device and refer to it anytime you need it.

So, what do you get here?

  • Sleep tracking
  • Body Temperature
  • Active Calories
  • Cholesterol and blood glucose and sugar levels

With the Apple Health app on your iPhone, you can use the smartphone as a data compiler displaying your health records by day or month or year. You can also make charts to compare your sleep quality and diet intake. While the brand allows you to share the data with medical researchers, you aren’t allowed to share it with advertisers.

A few fitness bands that are compatible with Apple’s Health App include: Misfit Flash, Jawbone Up, Polar Loop, and Withings Activité.

Google Fit features

Google’s answer to Apple Health, Google Fit is powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop. With bright colors and simple user interface, it allows you to easy track your biking, running, and walking sessions. To download it, visit the Google Play store and install the app on your Android-based device.

Out of the many health tracking features that Google Fit enables you to enjoy, here’re a few highlighted for you:

  • You can change your daily goals to create a routine as per your preference
  • Track your records by the day, month or year
  • Add new activities to the list and remove old ones
  • Connect to third-party apps to create a consolidated medical track record for you.

To get you relevant data, Google Fit uses sensor, history and recording APIs to keep you updated on your heart rate, pedaling rate, distance covered and a host of other tracking metrics that you can customize yourself.

Compatible fitness devices and apps that sync well with Google Fit includes: Runkeeper, Noom Coach, Strava, Runtastic, etc.

Aren’t these simply exciting? Go ahead, install the health tracking app that you best find suitable and do not miss to let us know which one you preferred… Apple or Google, which one are you fond of?

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