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4 Apps to Conquer the Fear of Flying

Have you always put off the idea of taking a vacation to a far off city or country simply because you fear taking a flight? Have your friends given up on you because no amount of coaxing actually works? Well, if you are answering in ‘Yes’, you needn’t shy away. You’re definitely not the only one to struggle with the fear of flights. There are many people around us who are battling this phobia and had it not been for the simple apps like the ones mentioned below, this phobia perhaps would have remained with them for life.

What apps? Why… haven’t you heard of them yet? Worry not; we have the entire story for you here.

Well, to start off; there are plenty of apps available online that you can install on your smartphone or other mobile device and jointly combat the fear of flying. These apps work like therapists and calm you down with actual and reliable information about taking off, landing and flight safety measures that are taken by the different airlines. All this and much more to simply get you on a flight – happy and excited – to leave for that far off vacation city. So, if you haven’t yet checked out these apps, now’s your chance to do it…


Captain Tom Bunn, the founder of SOAR school has come up with a friendly and simple to use app that helps you overcome this fear. Just as the name suggests, you can keep yourself abreast of the significant information regarding your flight such as weather update, safety measures in the aircraft and also a virtual coach to take you through all this – to soar high up in the sky. Thousands have benefitted from this app and you can too. Install it today on your iPhone, iPad or Android-based device and fearlessly take your next flight.


This one is particularly popular across Europe and is now available to the rest of the world. Valk is a joint effort of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, KLM Airlines, MartinAir, ArkeFly, and along with the researchers from the University of Leiden. Download the Valk app on your iOS or Android device and stay informed on all weather updates, safety measures, turbulence reports and press the panic button to instantly calm your nerves. It suggests you appropriate exercises to ease stress and bases that, you can enjoy your trip.


Even if you aren’t typically battling fear of flights, you can still go ahead and install this app on your iOS device simply to remain informed about your route. All you need to do to use this app is enter your departure and arrival airports and the app will instantly chalk out the route to alert you of any turbulence that you may meet in between. The app offers you real-time updates so you can completely trust its suggestions and notifications. Since you will know of the conditions prior to your travel, you would be better prepared to deal with it and thereby reduce your stress levels as well.

Ana Takeoff Mode

Available for iOS and Android both, Takeoff Mode by Ana strives to make your travel, particularly the stressful takeoffs, fun and pleasant. Created by the Japanese airline ANA, this app throws up a puzzle for the user to solve during a takeoff so that as he remains engrossed in solving it, the flight takes off successfully. To detect the actual takeoff time of the aircraft, the app makes use of the surrounding ambience. Light soothing music, animated message for the user and interesting game play make this app a hit among fliers.

As you can see, you can now use your smartphone to also soothe your nerves while you are preparing to travel and reduce the conflicts arising in your mind due to the hassles of traveling – shaky takeoffs/ landings, turbulence and so on. So, the next time you feel jittery about taking a flight, you know which apps to download and use… 

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