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10 Apps to Learn a New Skill Everyday

Entertainment, planning, productivity, bill payments, shopping, mails, games, social networking and what not – your app library has solutions for diverse urbane lifestyle needs and preferences. But, surprisingly we still do consider formal trainers or coaches when it comes to developing and learning a new skill. However, some kindhearted mobile app developers have already thought of it and been in action to let your device play the role of a coach you are searching for. In fact, there are many such apps that are riding high in popularity for offering DIY [do-it-yourself] learning tools, practice and test sessions and proven effective in cultivating new skill-set – then what are the best to choose? Here is a list of top 10 apps you can download today and commence your mobile learning session now. You can learn a new language, a life-saving trick, mapping stars, new software, fitness skill, trading or coding.

Each app is the best DIY coach you need. Let’s begin now.

1.       Learn a new language: Duolingo       

Hence proved, the best things in life are free! It’s a language tutor who charges no fees at all for teaching as many as new languages you want, at your own sweet time (and my personal favorite too)!

Why you want this app?

  • Top-rated, recommended educational app, ‘Editor’s Choice’ accolade in app stores
  • Long list of languages
  • Multi-language support for eight languages
  • Practice and assess your newly acquired skill

2.       Learn trading: TradeHero

If you are yet to compromise your screen time for gaming at the expense of learning a new skill, then TradeHero will fit the bill perfectly, especially if you are willing to try your hands at stock exchange.

Why you want this app?

  • Virtual community of stock traders
  • Create portfolio and trade stocks
  • Multi-player support – play with members or friends
  • Learn trading, investing, bidding and many more.
  • Sends alerts on new trades
  • Quotes across 22 major stock exchanges   

3.       Learn to save lives: CPR & Choking

CPR & Choking is widely known as an alternative to proper training to handle emergencies and life crisis. Currently available only on iTunes App Store, the app is a good tutorial to learn tricks to save people.    

Why you want this app?

  • Created at the University of Washington and King County EMS
  • Videos provided by the University of Washington, the Medic One Foundation, the Life Sciences Discovery Fund, the Seattle Fire Department, King County Emergency Medical Services, and the Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine
  • Formal instruction in CPR
  • Training on how to assist a choking victim

4.       Learn to code: Udacity

One of the best apps to teach coding on the go, Udacity is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Why you want this app?

  • Let experts from Facebook and Google teach you coding
  • Mobile-optimized courses in HTML, Java, Javascript, CSS, Python and other programming languages
  • Courses for introductory, intermediate, and advanced level
  • Quizzes and videos on class lectures
  • Downloadable videos for offline viewing

5.       Learn a magic trick: Magic Shop

Do you know what’s up on your sleeve? Learn a few good magic tricks with Magic Shop app to find out what magical things your hands can do. Currently, the app is available on iTunes App Store.

 Why you want this app?

  • How-to videos on ten magic tricks
  • Simple, easy to learn tricks using everyday objects
  • Handy app to become an illusionist without formal training

We also recommend five more apps if you are willing to master a few more skills or special tricks by making utmost use of your mobile screen time while you are commuting or waiting at an airport, market, or elsewhere. 

6.       iTextSpeed – to learn speedy typing

7.       Pocket Piano Song Universe - Learn to play piano with notes and practice sessions.

8. – Master the skill of playing chess using chess videos and mini-games.

9.       StarWalk – Just point your smartphone or tablet to the sky above to know more about stars, planet, satellites, constellation, and every celestial object you desire.

10.   HowStuffWorks – Ultimate DIY app to learn just about anything using practical and informative videos, podcasts and articles about anything under the sun.     

So, which mobile tutor is your favorite?

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