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Befriend Technology on this Valentine’s Day

How to use Technology to make your Valentine's Day special

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we are all struggling for some cool ideas to impress our partner. However, thanks to our busy schedules we find more and more couples spending less and less time with each other. Some of us are even maintaining long distance relationships, making things even more difficult. In this situation, it is technology that can become your best buddy. While we mostly hear technology killing the ‘together’ time, we take the positive side of the digital world.

Check out the great benefits of technology, and see how it can add that missing spark in your relationship, once more.

Share love notes on the Cloud

Giving and getting love notes is always special and becomes even more romantic, when Valentine’s Day is around the corner. You can send those little snippets of your thoughts to your partner who is sitting right across you with a laptop or even hundreds of miles away. All you need is one shared folder that only you two have access to and then store it on Google Drive, SugarSync, Dropbox or any other cloud storage or sync service.

You need to create one text document on this shared folder. Give it any cute name you prefer, for example, love messages or love notes. Go on adding your little compliments whenever you want. Since, only the two of you have access, it is completely private.

Of course, you still have the option of sending sms, email and Facebook posts, but then it is one sided and not shared on a common file.

Circle your love with technology

So, how will this happen? It is quite simple. You need to send out love notes on all platforms of tech like Facebook, Twitter, video chat and voicemail among others. As she goes on checking her messages on different verticals throughout the day, she will get these sweet messages from you. Remember, we are keeping all these communications completely private. Moreover, do not try this with just about anybody. You can get them quite irritated quickly.

Plan together—Technically

How many times have you said this; ‘sorry honey, I completely forgot’. We have all said this at one time or the other. So, on this Valentine’s Day create a simple text file and once more sync it to the cloud. You can use any platform you like; Google Drive, Dropbox etc. Plan dates, little things that you can do together and even small notes of spending more time with each other. Since, both of you have accesses to a common file, both of you can add the notes as you want.

Use Google Calendar to mark those special dates

Yes, you remember your first anniversary date, first time you shared a coffee, first time you met, first time you went out on a date and many more first times. However, having a reminder is always helpful. With Google Calendar, you can even set up custom reminders to make things a little more interesting. You can also use Facebook Calendar for remembering important dates like birthday and anniversaries. However, if there are multiple dates with different importance levels, then Google Calendar is the best choice.

Cherish memories with Evernote

You would definitely want to cherish those special memories that you spent with each other. The simplest way to capture those moments forever is by writing them down immediately. It will give you something to look back on, and with Evernote, remembering these little details, is really simple.

Create A Mutual Spotify Playlist Together

Valentine’s Day cannot be complete without romantic love songs shared between couples. If both of you have songs that you want to share with each other, then Spotify is a great solution at hand. You can upload all your favorite songs and make your Valentine’s Day special.


Got more ideas to make your Valentine special? Are you using technology in other ways to make your relationship special? Share your thoughts with us.

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