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Best Home Printers—How to select a printer in your budget

Can you really do without a printer? If you have a computer, then at some point or the other you also need a printer for filing documents, information or even school projects. The problem is, how to select the best home printer according to your needs and budget.

Right from laser, color, inkjet, photo quality, large quality, all-in-one printers, WiFi enabled printers, you are actually spoilt for choice. Here is some help to get you the home printer that you require.

Checklist before buying a printer for your home

Before you go ahead and select a home printer simply on your friend’s recommendation, here are some of the things you need to consider.

Budget—So, how much are you willing to pay for your home printer? If you do not require taking prints out daily, then it is best to select a home printer that is easy on your pocket.

Quality –Before buying a home printer, you need to think of the typical printing job that you are expecting. Do you need high-resolution prints or you need some desktop publishing? Or you need simple black and white print outs.

Colors or Black and White – If you are looking for quality prints but only require black and white prints, then go for a black and white printer rather than a color printer. The overall cost, including the ink is going to be much cheaper in a black and white printer.

Format – The physical size of your print job plays an important role in selecting the right printer. A4 size, A3 size or tabloid? Or perhaps you need to a home printer for enjoying the snapshots you take with your smartphone or digital camera.

Functionality of the printer—Do you need to only print stuff or you also require scan, Photostat and faxing of documents?

Types of Printers

So, you have thought over what you need from your home printer. Now, let us look at the available choices, before buying a printer.

Inkjet printers – This type of printer sprays little streams of ink, colored or in the shades of black and gray on the paper, where it dries super fast. Inkjet printers are lower in quality as compared to laser printers.

Laser printers –These printers use a laser to heat the toner that is applied and affixed to the paper. With a laser printer you can expect very accurate results, especially in images.

All-In-One printers – As the name suggests, these are multi-functional printers that can be used as scanners, copiers, fax machines and of course as printers.

Snapshot Printers – These printers are especially designed to print in color on photo quality papers, that usually come in common photograph sizes.

Monochrome printers – The only thing that you can expect from this printer is prints in the shade of gray from white to black.

3D printers – This is one of the latest printers that are available today and it can create 3D plastic models of things.

WiFi Enabled printers – The name says it all here. With this printer, you can print through your home wireless network. It is a very handy and complete value for money printer. Most new printers come with this feature nowadays.

Compact printers– If you need a printer while traveling, then go for compact printers. These printers can be as small as your laptop battery, but yes be prepared to pay a good price for it.

Plotter printers–These are large format printers and uses different colors to draw the design. These printers are often used in map mapping and architectural work.

Let us know what is your favorite kind of home printer? Share your experience and thoughts with us.

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