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5 Ways to Boost Your Typing Speed on Smartphone’s Touch Keyboard

Smartphones have made our lives a lot easier by bringing the world at our fingertips. But are you one of those who find it difficult to type using their smartphone’s tiny virtual keyboard and wish to go back to the days of conventional mobile devices? Don’t despair! These five alternatives will boost your typing speed on a touch keyboard:

“Swipe” typing

Swipe typing is the best solution if you want to quickly type something on your smartphone’s message screen. All you have to do is simply trace your fingers over the words you want to construct and the software will do the rest. It will easily connect the letters to construct words you want to type. The feature is best for users who like using their phones with a single hand. However, if you want to type long-tailed messages, the next option suits you the best.

Fleksy keyboard

Fleksy is the fastest and the most customizable keyboard that offers killer text precision even with the sloppiest of writing. Supporting 40 different languages, Fleksy adjusts to your writing style and auto-corrects words you mean to type, even if you miss-type every letter. Its layout features large, well-spaced letter buttons, helping you minimize typos. Not just that, Fleksy gets smarter and better with time and makes way for an effortless typing experience.

Voice typing

What if instead of typing everything down, you could just speak to your phone and it converts everything to text? Well, smartphones do have this functionality built-in, but until now the recognition engines weren’t too reliable for regular use. However, with the advent of personal assistants like ‘Ok Google’, voice typing has become far more accurate and reliable. To use this feature, all you have to do is to tap the microphone on the keyboard and speak whatever you want to type, and the voice recognition engine will convert your words into text.

Text expansion shortcuts

This feature also enhances your typing speed, especially when you have to type short messages and common phrases. Simply set your own shortcuts and your smartphone will automatically replace your short characters with long words and will help increase your typing speed.

Auto correct and word prediction features

Well, your smartphone not only includes a built-in spell check feature, it can also automatically correct your mistakes as you type. So, for faster, more accurate typing, embrace autocorrect! It will not only increase your typing speed, your keyboard will also provide predictions as you type.

So, use these techniques and you can easily improve your typing speed on the touch keyboards of your smartphones for a seamless typing experience.

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