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Six business gadgets that are must for every entrepreneur

Whether in office or on the go, technology offers some of the best time saving gadgets that add razor sharp precision to your business. These devices and services not only make running a startup easier, they also make work faster and more efficient.

Here’s a roundup of six business gadgets that are must for every entrepreneur:

Dell XPS 18 Portable All-in-One

Dell XPS 18 is the world’s thinnest and lightest portable all-in-one that’s designed for conferences and meetings. It features 4th Gen Intel Core processor to meet high-end business needs. Offering a 178-degree viewing angle, this Windows 8 tablet can also be used as a normal touchscreen computer.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is not just an ordinary smartwatch, it’s a mini iPhone strapped around your wrist, with its own control scheme and functions that offer enhanced productivity to business leaders. So whether you want to sort mails, manage your calendar or make travel simple, Apple Watch is the latest technology that can help improve the overall efficiency of your organization.

Zolt Laptop Charger

Forget heavy, brick-sized chargers that you have been lugging around. Zolt is a smart and powerful charger that offers streamlined performance for life on the go. It comes with interchangeable tips and three USB ports to power your laptops, phone and tablet at the same time. It can even charge your cameras, GoPro and portable speakers to offer enhanced connectivity whenever and where ever you want.

Livescribe 3 Smartpen

Turn your iOS or Android device into a digital Bluetooth notebook with Livescribe 3 Smartpen. This smart and premium pen sends everything you write to your smartphone or tablet, making it easy to save hand-written notes on the device of your choice.


Scan those pesky receipts and turn them into digital files for easy, anytime access. NeatConnect scans your receipts, extracts relevant tax information and sends out data by email or uploads it to cloud – without the need of a computer. This ensures your information stays secure, useful and usable at all times.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-device Keyboard

Designed to be used with up to three devices, Logitech Bluetooth Multi-device Keyboard is a new type of keyboard that can work with your smartphone and tablet, regardless of the computing platform. With a flick of the Easy-switch dial, you can easily respond to a message on your smartphone or tweet through your tablet.

So what are you waiting for? Switch to these devices and make running a startup easy, fast and efficient.


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