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Facebook Instant Articles: Instantly Enriches your Reader’s Experience!

Are you a regular with the Facebook’s iPhone app? Well, here’s something you’d be delighted to know!

Facebook’s Instant Articles, a feature that will allow you to enjoy your News feeds in a far more interactive, entertaining and fast way, is all set to enter your life. Currently only available on the iPhone, Android users will soon get to taste a slice of this amazing feature.

So, what’s Instant Articles all about and how’s it going to change your web experience?

Well, this is Facebook’s new initiative through which it aims to provide publishers a novel way to reach out to their audiences. Facebook is offering a platform to nine publishers, who the brand is partnering with, in the form of Instant Articles. This platform has been designed to enrich the user experiences by loading feeds faster for them, offering them relevant videos and images to complement the text and offering users scope to like, share and comment on the post that they are reading.

So, how do you keep track of the latest posts shared by your favorite publishers such as The New York Times or BuzzFeed? Is it on their apps on your mobile? With Instant Articles, this is all set to change! You can now use this Facebook platform to catch up on all the latest feeds, straight on your iPhone. Also, using creative tools to call-in relevant videos and images, Instant Articles will attempt to make your dull reading sessions lively, informative and fun.

With this feature, you won’t require separate login to your Facebook account to talk about a particular post you like or dislike. Use the app to not just read through content-rich posts or watch relevant videos but to also ‘like’ a post or ‘share’ your comments with the world.  

  • Instant Articles is for the publishers to reach their readers in a faster and interactive manner. Using this feature, they can let you enjoy:
  • Browsing through Facebook on your mobile like never before
  • Just about 8 seconds of page load time, thereby reducing your endless wait sessions
  • Reading experiences that are over 10 times faster as compared to other articles you’ve read on your mobile
  • Auto-play video features to enhance your read (as soon as you will scroll over a video, embedded within the text, the video will start to play automatically)
  • High resolution image quality that can be zoomed in, simply by titling your phone
  • Interactive maps and embedded audio captions to give you a better feel of the article you are reading

These are just to get you started; Instant Articles has much more to offer you in terms of an augmented user experience!

If you are a publisher yourself, you bet you couldn’t have gotten a better platform to showcase your news stories other than Facebook’s Instant Articles. For all the hard work that you put in to get to your readers to read your posts on their mobiles, this feature will streamline everything for you and let you explore newer pastures as well. 

It lets you:

  • Publish all forms of content-rich articles
  • Place ads within the content to make easy sales
  • Control your content and track traffic and make data analysis using comScore analytics tools
  • Enjoy the limelight that brands such as The New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed and six others are enjoying

Isn’t this so promising? Imagine giving your readers the much-needed experience they deserve, and all through their favorite mobile app! Indeed Facebook’s Instant Articles is sure going to rock…

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