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Five easy ways to avoid wireless network problems

As soon as you turn the wireless device in your home, youíll instantly come across a whole bunch of other wireless connections, all flashing strong signal range. Among them, many might be insecure and unreliable and you could easily discern how simple it would be to hack them and violate the security laws?

But before you could dive in the happiness offered by your wireless Internet connection, ensure that your connection is safe and secure.

There are certain things, which you should keep in mind while using the home connection to avoid falling prey to the various tricks crafted out by hackers to breach your systemís security. So, letís walk through these five simple steps that will solve many of your wireless connection problems-

Place your router in an open space

All wireless communications are prone to get disrupted due to certain physical limitations. Dense objects are more likely to block radio waves, so placing your router next to them can largely reduce its signal range and performance.

However, if you place your router in a relatively open area with no obstructions whatsoever nearby, they will work freely giving out maximum signal range.

Avoid using default passwords

Routers these days come encumbered with a default administration password. Many users prefer to keep the default passwords as they are under the influence that admin panel is only accessible to them. Well, in the long run it isnít true.

All you need to understand is that routers arenít flawless and they can easily fall prey to the unknown security breach. Anyone with a little or no knowledge of hacking can easily access your home network and exploit your sensitive data. So, itís important to change your default password once you set up a new router at your home.

Set up a strong Wi-Fi encryption

Most routers come equipped with various Wi-Fi encryption options. But it might take you quite a long time to figure out which one of them is the best and impactful. So, in spite of settling down with a wrong choice, go for an upgraded encryption option and use a long and randomized password.

Increasing the length of the password will not only make your network connection more secure, but will also protect it from falling in to the trap created by hackers.

Donít neglect the Firewall

One of the most valuable in-built features of home routers is the Firewall, which can protect you against unsolicited intrusion attempts. It is generally enabled by default and can offer protection against malicious elements when configured.

You can modify the already enabled router features as per your convenience and requirement. There might be certain ports configured as open by default. You can close them if youíre not actually using them. This will discard all the probabilities of any attack.

Update your Firmware timely

If your router is undergoing some serious security flaw, it can surrender your connected network drives to anyone on the Internet. Anyone with initial knowledge of hacking can make an unauthorized access to your network drive and exploit the data contained in them.

In such a case, updating Firmware can prove to be a boon as it can save your data from getting severe security breach. If you are not using a Firmware, itís better to download it than to let the Internet see your dirty laundry. 

Hence, you can make your wireless connection more reliable and secure by avoiding these silly mistakes. No matter what kind of Internet service you use, it will unscramble many of your connection issues. 

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