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Futuristic Gadgets: Cool, Compact, Creative and Compelling!

The future is now… and these hi-tech gadgets will simply reiterate the fact!

Below is the list of futuristic gadgets, which we’ve compiled for you to showcase how technology is all set to enter your lives in a never before way. From utility gadgets to gadgets that are adornments and from devices that help you enjoy mundane work to those that take the stress out of your life – the next-generation technology is here to tell you that the future has indeed arrived…

Device to help locate lost items

How many times during the week do you look for something that you misplaced, lost or simply can’t find? Car keys, phone, wallet… the list is endless, isn’t it? With devices such as TrackR to help you, you won’t ever lose anything anymore! Install the app on your iPhone or Android-based smartphone and use it to find your lost belongings. Simple to use and very effective, your belongings are just a TrackR tap away.

Transparent TV Screen

Add a sci-fi look to your living room – mount a transparent TV screen on its wall. Set with the TOLED display technology in a regular LCD, this futuristic product will surely make your entertainment sessions even more special for you. While it is turned off, the TV looks no more than a simple glass; but, once you turn it on, you actually open up to a whole new world. LG, Samsung, Sony… most big brands offer you varieties in this category.

Virtual Keyboard

If you aren’t comfortable using the keypad on your smartphone or tablet just because the keys are too tiny to tap on or you’ve a problem with the display, trying a virtual keyboard can prove handy. Not only are these light-weight and finger-friendly, many of them are free and come in multilingual selections too. They are portable, customizable and easy to use even by people with disability.

Pocket Molecular Sensor

This is your perfect grocery shopping partner! The advanced technology set in this device tells you about the quality of food you are purchasing thereby helping you products that are high in quality. The tiny device hardly overwhelms you with its weight letting you carry it in your palm effortlessly. SCiO is just one brand you could try out; there are plenty of others available too. So, whether it is vegetables and plants, material objects or medicines – molecular sensors will turn you into a smart shopper!

Smart Alarm Clock

This one is pretty smart and turns you smarter. Turning off or putting on snooze the alarm clock every morning is such a mundane activity, isn’t it? Here’s an alternative. Set the iQ alarm clock at your preferred wake up time and let it ask you simple questions on reasoning and logic to wake you up from slumber. Till you answer the questions right, you won’t be able to turn it off… yes, that’s the catch!

Compact Bath/Shower

Don’t let the small size of your home prevent you from setting up a luxury bath! You don’t always need space to create one – all you need is the smart bath/shower such as the one offered by Tulip. Underwater jets, massage programs, facility to move it anywhere in your home, compact in size; these modular baths are all you need to recreate a spa session at home.  

Aren’t these simply amazing? Try them out and don’t forget to let us know which of these futuristic gadgets you brought home…

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