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Gaming 'On' Smartwatch

Gadgets and games share inseparable bond over the years! Where there is a console device, there is gamut of game applications to play…  Starting from computers, gaming consoles, smart TVs, smartphones, tablets to currently emerging swarm of smartwatches – games are everywhere, fitting perfectly to different screen size and resolutions.

Though smartwatches are not yet as ubiquitous as smartphones and tablets, but the steady growth in this segment is something that no game developers want to overlook. That’s why numerous gaming applications are flocking at app stores of Android Wear, Pebble and Apple Watch screen space which were earlier filled with fitness, health, productivity or communication apps.  So no matter how small they seem, smartwatches snugly wrapping our wrists can also engage us games we love to play on smartphones and tablets.

Here we have rounded up top five versions of your favorite smartphone games you have loved playing on smartwatches. Just remember that hours of gaming will drastically drain the battery power of your smartwatches. And they are all free.  


There is not just one, you can actually try two variants of 2048 games on Google Play – 2048: Power of Two and 2048 - Android Wear. Both games fit the form factors of smartwatches perfectly, even those round screens of Moto 360 models. You can download any of these and start playing. Similar to their smartphone counterparts, these games require you moving tiles to merge tiles of similar numbers to double the value till you fill up the board or get 2048. Multiple types of gestures are assigned to different actions such as swipes for moving tiles, double-tap to see the score and long-press to exit the game.


If block puzzles have kept you engrossed on your smart watches for long hours, you may try this cute, younger clone of the game on your smartwatch with a new 3D twist. TetroCrate unfolds the same range of falling brick games, brick breaker arcades, sliding tile puzzles, mahjong and tangram brain teasers. Its 3D graphics, fun block puzzle and zero pressure of time limitation make the game the one of the best stress-buster or time-killers for Android Wear.   

Wear Orbits

If lack of challenges leads you to path to boredom, then you will prefer Wear Orbits over TetroCrate. The difficulty level of this game swells into bigger challenges with conquest of each level. Developed for Android Wear, Wear Orbits brings you the solar system on your wrist wherein you will face the challenges of keeping planets from crash and burn. As the name implies, you have to maneuver the Earth through orbits while dodging obstacles which will cross your path such as other planets, stars, and other chunks of obstructions. You can launch the game either using voice commands or via Start Menu. You can also elevate the gaming experience to the larger screen on your Android phone wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Castle Stormer

The game takes utmost use of the smartwatch screen real estate and the technology. Castle Stormer is a fast-paced running game which mimics the gaming experience of Temple Run wherein you will be running between gravity-defying walled streets that rise vertically. Main perks of this ninja climbing game are vivid graphics, challenging actions and gameplay which throw critical enemies and hazards on your way of climbing. To dodge these obstacles, you need to leap from one wall to another to keep going. This smartwatch game shares similar features of Wear Orbits such as launch via voice commands, Start Menu and the capability to pair the game with your phone.      

Birdie Wear

Dear Angry Birds aficionados, please do not be angry because here is a ‘Birdie’ game to remind you (well, somewhat) of the same. Developed as a clone of Angry Birds for Android Wear devices, Birdie Wear is full of birds flying across and covering the screen – all you need to do is to tap the bird to enable it to fly. Remember, you have to keep tapping to keep the birds flutter while not tapping will make the birds fall. Currently the game is compatible to squared screen of LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, and round screen of Moto 360.

Pebble smartwatch gamers can try Asteroids, Pebloid, and Orbtime from Pebble app store while Apple Watch gamers can try this prim game called Letterpad.

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