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Google Glass: Everything You Want to Know

Last year, the search giant took the world of technology by storm by announcing Google Project Glass. Since then, tech world started expecting this avant-garde wearable gadget and anticipating its release. Finally, here it comes for everyone eagerly anticipating the augmented reality device of Google; Google released its technical specifications and we are nearing to the retail debut of Google Glass, probably at the end of 2013 (near Christmas?). So, how will it look? Will this glass feature each and every feature announced for the Project Glass? Or will this bring something more? In order to clarify your queries and confusions, iYogi brings an exhaustive review on Google Glass with detailed emphasis on how Google Glass will look, feel and work, technical specifications of Google Glass, pricing and release date.

Forget rumors, meet actual Google Glass

Google has brought this Google Glass to bring you a more portable replacement of desktop, laptop computers, Smartphone, and tablets. It includes a host of features and functions we do on computers and mobile devices. In a nut shell, Google Glass will let us shoot stills and videos, chat and conference, share files in real-time, search things, get weather updates, get directions and translate words in our language and project information on the glass as we go places.

Google Glass – Features


The Google Glass looks stunning and is unbreakable, as confirmed by Google. The glass is built on display technology in order to overlay the data in front of the users, without obstructing the view. As Google claims, the glass on Google Glass is “equivalent of a 25-inch high definition screen from eight feet away". Google Glass is designed to create more intuitive experience for you for everything you do – whether you take picture, find direction, use search engine, share media and chat in real-time. Hence, just say “take picture” or “shoot video” and the glass will capture or record stills or footage on the first person’s perception.


Google Glass features a built-in microphone and touchpad to let users talk and give voice commands to the device. On receiving your commands, Google Glass will translate and execute your commands. The device will also serve as a headphone and will create sound when you want to chat or listen to video or music.

Video conference

Similarly, you can use Google Glass to enjoy video conference with family, friends and acquaintances. Google Glass uses the Google hangout software to enable users to have video conference and also show them what they are looking at.

Google Maps

Google Glass is embedded with Google Maps to show and provide directions. However, it does not feature GPS; users need to use their Bluetooth enabled phone and pair their phone with the glass device using MyGlass app. By pairing the phone with Google Glass, the glass will serve as the headset for the phone and the phone will lend GPS features to the Google Glass. In the same fashion, Google Glass can receive messages and display on the glass, will let users reply to their messages by combining voice-to-text functionality and built-in functionality.

Translation of data

Google Glass also features voice specialists DNNresearch feature in order to interpret words into users’ own language and display on the glass. Thus, Google Glass will be a perfect travel gadget for frequent travelers who feel the sting of language barrier; the device will translate information in their own language using the Wi-Fi or mobile data. There are some apps coming up for Google Glass device which will allow users to locate people and translate email in users’ language. Do you always keep a tab on latest news when you are travelling? Get headlines, images, and the time when the news was published with the New York Times app on Google Glass.

Google Glass – Specifications

Design: Unbreakable frame for any shape and frame of face. It includes adjustable extra nosepads in two sizes.

Display: High resolution display which delivers the display of equivalent to a 25 inch HD screen.

Camera: 5 MP sensor, shoots video at 720p

Audio: Bone Conduction Transducer

Connectivity: Wi-Fi - 802.11b/g, Bluetooth. Can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled phone. However, The MyGlass app is compatible to a phone running minimum Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or later versions.

Storage: 12 GB memory and Google cloud storage of 16 GB.

Battery: Runs for a full day. However, features such as Google Hangouts and video recording eat up considerable amount of the battery. The battery charges with a Micro USB cable and charger.

Google Glass – Price and release date

The developer version of The Google Glass Explorer costs $1,500, but, it is expected to be cheaper when it will release. Though, no specific release date has been announced yet, but, Google Glass is expected to debut at the end of 2013.

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